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lire 5 ans de création (1983)

20 original plays

Marie Dessembre, Nina Ségamour, Etuves, Lepervenche, Votez Ubu Colonial, Séga Tremblad, Quartier Français are all landmarks in the company’s itinerary. These plays were successful, seen by a public first of thousands and then tens of thousand. They founded a practice and style unique to Vollard Theatre. They had an influence that went beyond cultural life and touched public opinion or political events and talked about parts of the island’s history that are often eclipsed. They are now engraved in the collective memory.

Classical repertoire

A "generalist" theatre, Vollard theatre has also staged some great classics. This has had a political advantage too : stopping theatre in Reunion splitting between autonomists creating in Creole, and departementalists creating in French. It was also necessary to be close to the island’s schools and answer a demand, also to go on tour in the French Cultural centres of the Indian Ocean at a time - the 1980s - when plays in Creole were banned there.

10 children’s productions

Vollard didn’t forget its younger audience. These short plays, 45 minutes maximum, allowed us to comb the island from top to bottom and perform in Reunion’s most isolated and remote parts. It also allowed our in-house writers (E.Genvrin, P. L. Rivière, R. to start. Lastly, a real company was able to exist during the 1980s : between the productions, the school performances, children’s theatre, the parades, the actors performed about 80 times a year on average and had a decent standard of living. During the 1990s the generalisation of freelance contracts, budget restrictions, and the Ministry’s artistic choices made companies disappear, along with the type of popular shows they specialised in.


Where should the company’s musical activities be classed ? Under the direction of Jean-Luc Trulès, Créol’s, Tropicadéro or Vollard Combo have accompanied Vollard theatre since it was created. Concerts, fanfares, activities, vinyl record then CD recordings, musical cabaret at Jeumon have all made the theatre’s musical frontiers move.

Presse présentation de la compagnie années 80

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Art Quivi 1983, Réalités réunionnaises et théâtre Vollard
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Les Temps modernes - Micheline Servin Vollard en 1989 après Etuves
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Week End (Maurice) oct 1990 présentation Vollard
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Le Quotidien avril 87 Vollard l’entreprise
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Temps Modernes, Du théâtre à la Réalité, Micheline Servin juillet 90
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Théâtres Théâtres, JUillet 90, Agnès Antoir. Le théâtre Vollard à La Réunion

Presse présentation de la compagnie années 90

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Autrement Micheline Servin 1991 Le théâtre Volard ou le partage
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La Croix janvier 93, la longue lutte du théâtre Vollard
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Le Marg octobre 1998 le théâtre Vollard alternative à la culture fonctionnarisée
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Le Quotidien dimanche avril 92, une usine à spectacles
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Le Réunionnais mars 1993 Vollard au chômage
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Les Lettres Françaises fevier 93, un pari sur la culture
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Visu, fevrier 1992, Vollard continue son manège
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Cassandre 1997 Insulaires insurgés
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Cassandre janvier 1997. Genvrin-Vollard

Presse présentation de la compagnie années 2000

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La Croix 11 mai 2000 Le theatre Vollard, joyeuse compagnie hors normes
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Temoignages nov 2004 Regard de Vollard sur le Théâtre de demain
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