The choir, crédit ph. Moulin Héva (H.Rafindraza), the choir, crédit ph. Moulin Charles (K.Bouzra) and Héva (H.Razafind), crédit ph. Moulin Charles (K.Bouzra) et d'Héva (H.Razafind), crédit ph. Moulin Darma (J.Michalon), Rézéda-(A.Ugolin), Photo Ph.Moulin Darma (J.Michalon), Rézéda-(A.Ugolin), Photo Ph.Moulin The kid (Loan Gagneur), Elisabeth (A.M Werster), Charles (K.Bouzra) photo (...) Roger's family , Charles (K.Bouzra), Roger (J Ph Courtis), Elisabeth (AM (...) Roger (J Ph Courtis), Elisabeth (AM Werster),the kid (Loan Gagneur), Rézéda (...) The choir, Photo Ph.Moulin Héva (H.Razafindra), Darma (J.Michalon), crédit ph. Moulin Chin (Heng Shi), Héva (H.Razafindra), crédit ph. Moulin Héva (H.Razafindra) et Chin (H.Shi) , crédit P.M Minjoz The choir, Photo Ph.Moulin Elisabeth (AM Werster), Chin (H.Shi), crédit ph. Moulin Elisabeth (AM Werster), Chin (H.Shi), crédit ph. Moulin Chin (H.Shi) au meeting at Bel-Air, crédit ph. Moulin Chin (H.Shi) and the choir, meeting at Bel-Air, crédit ph. Moulin Metting at Bel-Air. Héva (H.Razafindra) and the choir, crédit ph. (...) Roger(J.Ph-Courtis), photo Ph Moulin Ballet, crédit ph. Moulin Ballet, crédit ph. Moulin choir and Darma (J.Michalon), crédit ph. Moulin Choir. Dominique Rakotonirina, Ando Razananaïvo, crédit ph. Moulin Sikily. Roger (J.PH Courtis, Rézéda (A. Ugolin), crédit ph. Moulin Elisabeth (A.M Werster), crédit ph. Moulin Roger (J-Ph-Courtis), Chin (Heng-Shi), crédit-Ph-Moulin Charles (K.Bouzra), Elisabeth (A.M Werster, Roger (J.Ph Courtis), crédit (...) Charles(K.Bouzra), Photo Boby Antoir Charles (K.Bouzra), Rézéda (Aurore Ugolin), photo Boby Antoir The choir-maloya, Photo Ph.Moulin Héva (H.Rafindraza), Rézéda (A.Ugolin), crédit ph. Moulin Elisabeth (A.M Werster), Photo Boby Antoir Elisabeth (AM Werster), Rézéda (Aurore Ugolin), Chin (Heng Shi), crédit Boby (...) Chin (H.Shi), the choir, crédit ph. Moulin Hanuman kali, Elisabeth (AM Werster), Rézéda (Aurore Ugolin), crédit ph. (...) Final, Roger (J.Ph Courtis, Rézéda (A. Ugolin), Elisabeth (A.M Werster), the (...) salutation Composer Libretto The Chin's choir

2010, 2011, 2012

2010 - Chin (opera)

Jean-Luc Trulès / Emmanuel Genvrin

Composer and music director Jean-Luc Trulès, libretto and director Emmanuel Genvrin. Set designer, video images, Hervé Mazelin, wardrobe Pardon ! and Térésa Small

photos can be downloaded in high definition (see bottom of page)

on In 1955 on Reunion Island, Mr Roger, a former Petain supporter, appeals to the ’Reds’ and to the son of Doctor Papa, Chin (pronounced like "Chine" in French) to help save his Bel Air sugar factory. The factory is saved but the Roger family, in the grip of a curse, breaks apart and Chin has to take refuge in the mountains ... The libretto is inspired by a true story : the 1955 alliance of the communist Paul Vergès and the sugar producer René Payet to save the Quartier Français factory. "Chin" or "Le Chinois (Chinese man)" was Paul Verges’s nickname as a youth because his mother was Asian. The title also calls to mind the Maoist sympathies of the decolonisation movements, as well as the presence on Reunion Island of an influential Chinese community. This theme has already been the object of a 2002 play by Vollard Theatre, as well as a TV film screenplay with Yves Boisset. A remarkable opera due to its historical libretto, Chin deals with a little-known part of French overseas départements’ history : the important post-war decolonisation movement in the islands which gave rise to independentist, autonomist and Maoist-friendly tendencies. It created a tropical communism, a sugar-cane communism whose imagery found its models in Che Guevara or Fidel Castro. A contemporary opera with a hybrid musical colour, Asian sounds, and Indian Ocean rhythms, Chin’s score opens up interesting and unexplored perspectives by integrating Indian, Chinese and Malagasy trends into Western classicism. The performers reflect this cultural mix, originating both from Reunion Island and other overseas French départements (Martinique, Guadeloupe), and from mainland France, Madagascar and China.
[*[*The world premiere of Chin was held at the Champ Fleuri theatre (Saint Denis, Reunion Island) in April 2010, revival in May (Reunion Island) and october 2011 (Paris, France).*]*]




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Chin, opera with English subtitles. - YouTube



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File of presentation to be downloaded
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Cassandre oct 2009, an exemple to follow closely. The adventures of the Vollard theatre Company

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bio Trulès

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bio Genvrin



JPEG - 4.7 ko
Heng Shi, baryton (Chin)
JPEG - 4.7 ko
Anne-Marguerite Werster, mezzo-soprano (Elisabeth)
JPEG - 4.8 ko
Jean-Philippe Courtis, basse (Monsieur Roger)
JPEG - 4.7 ko
Holy Razafindrazaka, soprano (Héva)
JPEG - 4.9 ko
Aurore Ugolin, mezzo (Rézéda)
JPEG - 4.8 ko
Karim Bouzra, tnor (Charles)
JPEG - 9.7 ko
The Chin’s choir
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The Chin’s orchestra



What the press thinks :

« With Chin, co-written with the composer Jean-Luc Trulès, Vollard Theater goes to a new level. The music and 57 participants of the opera, sung in French and Creole, are a microcosm of Reunionese society, blend classical, maloya (Afro-Malagasy former slave music), Creole, Asian and Indian melodies, symphonic orchestra instruments as well as the Chinese violin (erhu). »
[Marie-Aude Roux, Le Monde]

« Faced with the originality - indeed the cheek - of the undertaking one can only but applaud. Emmanuel Genvrin has written a powerful and complex libretto, where public interest and private destinies are intertwined. The enormous progress made by the composer Jean-Luc Trulès since Maraina should be emphasized. The richness and diversity are still there, but the writing has gained in blending, assurance and orchestral variety »
[Thierry Guyenne, Opéra Magazine]

« Trulès knows how to harmonize the instruments’ timbres ; he knows how to write for voices. The score puts to advantage several very good duets, ensembles and choruses. Sinuous melodic lines, superimposed rhythms, very present percussion, echoes of Indian, Chinese and Malagasy (maloya) music, this is music which is accessible without demagoguery, which imitates nobody »
[Laurent Bury, Forumopéra]

« Following "Maraina", Jean-Luc Trulès and Emmanuel Genvrin present a tragic opera which recalls the bitter 1955 sugar conflict on Reunion Island, using an accomplished score that blends contemporary and Reunionese compositions. An opera of musical maturity and exceptional writing. »
[Corinne Moncel, Afrique-Asie]

Press articles :

PDF - 44.7 ko
Le Monde - Paul Vergès, from Senate to stage - Marie-Aude Roux, 1-10-11
PDF - 175.2 ko
Forumopera - If only Domingo was from Reunion Island ! - L.Bury, 3-10-11
PDF - 140.7 ko
Afrique Asie - the inconvenient opera - C.Moncel, 1-11-11
PDF - 89 ko
Opera magazine, Thierry Guyenne, 1-06-10

Image bank (can be downloaded) :

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Chin (Heng Shi) convainc les militants, meeting à Bel-Air, photo Philippe Moulin
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Manif devant l’usine, photo Pilippe Moulin
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Pique-nique dans les Hauts, Elisabeth (AM Werster), Chin (H.Shi), photo Philippe Moulin
JPEG - 7.8 Mo
Salon de Bel Air, Monsieur Roger (J Ph Courtis), sa fille Elisabeth (Anne Marguerite Werster), photo Philippe Moulin
JPEG - 8 Mo
Chin (Heng Shi) au meeting de Bel-Air, photo Philippe Moulin
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