Emmanuel Genvrin

Director and writer

Born in Chartres in 1952, Emmanuel Genvrin has family ties with Madagascar and Haiti. Rock musician, he learnt theatre at the university theatre of Caen. He graduated in psychology from Paris, settled and practiced on Reunion Island, where he founded Vollard Theatre in 1979. Junior lecturer in drama at the University of the Indian Ocean, given two grants from the Centre national des lettres (National Centre for French language and literature) in 1991 and 1997, Volcan d’or winner in 1993 for Lepervenche, award winner for best French overseas show for Séga Tremblad in 2000, grant recipient from the Beaumarchais foundation in 2009, with Vollard he inaugurated the Le Tampon theatre, created the Grand Marché theatre, the Cinérama at La Possession and the Espace Jeumon at Saint Denis. As well as musicals he has written over twenty plays, of which a dozen have been published and two of which have been translated into English. In 1982 he directed what was Reunion Island’s first opera staging, an open air Orfeo by Monteverdi with Cantare. He wrote the first Reunionese opera libretto, Maraina, in 2005, followed by Chin in 2009 and Fridom in 2018. In 2013 he begins a career as a writer, short stories and novels by Gallimard : Rock Sakay (2016), Sabena (2019).

Vidéo Emmanuel Genvrin - années 80 - durée 8 mn


Marie Dessembre (1981), Nina Ségamour (1982), Torouze (1983), Colandie (1985), Les Flamboyants (1987), Run Rock (1987), Étuves (1988), Lepervenche (1990), Millénium (1992), Votez Ubu Colonial (1994), Baudelaire au Paradis (1997), Kari Vollard (1998), Séga Tremblad (1999), Quartier Français (2001), Maraina, Franco-malagasy opera (2005), Chin, opera (2010).

press articles, interviews, 90’s (in french)

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Théâtres Théâtres, août 1990, itv E.Genvrin (Le théâtre à La Réunion)
PDF - 1.6 Mo
Mauricien nov 1990 itv E.Genvrin (troupe Vollard)
PDF - 1.7 Mo
Le Quotidien dec 1990 quartier libre à E.Genvrin
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Tele7 mai 1992 portrait E.Genvrin chez lui
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Tele7 juin 1993 itv E.Genvrin crise à Jeumon
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Le Quotidien sept 94 portrait E.Genvrin
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Reagir octo 1995 projets de la troupe Vollard
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JIR avril 95 portrait E.Genvrin agitateur
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La Scène sept 1996 portrait E.Genvrin ubuesque destin
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Le Quotidien mars 1998 itv Genv (Baudelaire au Paradis)
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Le Quotidien mars 1998 itv Genv (Baudelaire au Paradis)
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Regards sept 1998 itv E.Genvrin
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Le Quotidien sept 1998 itv E.Genvrin avenir sombre procès en vue

press articles, interviews, 2000’s (in french

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L’Express nov 2000 E.Genvrin
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Albertine Itela 2000, Se repérer en politique E.Genvrin
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France Outremer mai 2000 itv E.Genvrin (survie du théâtre Vollard)
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La Terrasse sept 2000 itv E.Genvrin (Séga tremblad)
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Telemag oct 2002, itv E.Genvrin (théâtre Vollard et théâtre à La Réunion)
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Le Quotidien juin 2003 portrait E.Genvrin
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Le Quotidien juin 2004, itv E.Genvrin Vollard après Quartier Français
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Le Quotidien fev 2008 portrait E. Genvrin
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