The 1980s


In January, May, August, September and December, revival of “Étuves” at the Cinérama, 20 performances. From April 16th-27th, Emmanuel Genvrin in New York. April 18th, Performances of “Étuves” and “L’Esclavage des Nègres” directed by Charles Turner, translated by Townsend Brewster, at the Ubu Theater. May 26th and 30th, “Étuves” was on tour at Saint-Benoît, July 6th at the Sainte-Clotilde professional training centre for apprentices (CFA), November 28th at Le Tampon, December 15th, 16th and 19th at the Grand Marché of Saint-Denis. June 20th and 23rd, on tour in Mauritius (Port-Louis Citadelle), September 29th and 30th, October 3rd, 5th and 7th, at the Limoges International Francophonies Festival, October 17th at the Francophones Nights in Lyon. In January, March, May, July, August and December, revival of “L’Esclavage des Nègres” at the Cinérama, 23 performances. January 24th, it was on tour at Plaine des Cafres, March 28th, 29th, 30th (2 performances) at Saint-Denis, April 11th at Le Tampon (2 performances), from May 22nd-27th, 6 performances at Saint-Benoît, June 22nd at the Theatre de Port Louis (Mauritius), July 19th and 21st at Mayotte, 9th September at Art Mafate. April 1st, Dékadèr celebration (tenth birthday) and evening of support at Art Mafate at the Cinérama. July 14th, Sarda Garriga landed at La Possession and December 20th activities in different neighbourhoods. April 22nd at the Cinérama, Ziskakan played for an evening, in September Tropicadéro’s “Crime chez l’Antiquaire”, from November 14th until 24th, Koméla Tempo Festival, December 8th evening with Danyel Waro and Ousanousava. December 29th, Jack Lang visited the Cinérama. The actors also participated in Jim Damour’s film “Léonie ou le jeu des couleurs”, in Patrick Virand’s “Bleu, blanc, noir”, on June 29th in Varangue, an RFO programme for the company’s 10th anniversary, in October in RFI’s recording of Sylvain Bemba’s “Noces posthumes d’Antigone” and Michèle Rakotoson’s “La Maison morte” in Limoges. Throughout the year, 20 Créol’s fanfares in Reunion, Mauritius and Limoges.


From January 5th until March 11th, revival of Marie Dessembre at the Cinérama, 14 performances. April 1st - 16th, revival of Run Rock at the Cinérama, 10 performances. March.18th and 19th, Nelson et le Volcan, Tyé Set, Blès Quatorz and Les Créol’s at the Art Mafate festival. April 12th, occupation of the Reunionese Centre for Cultural action (Crac) foyer at Champ Fleuri in protest about the cancellation of the regional tour of “Run Rock”. April 28th and 29th, Run Rock was on tour at Pointe at Pitre, May 4th, 5th, 6th at Fort de France, July 1st at the Zigom in Grenoble. “Nelson et le Volcan” was on tour, 10 performances at Saint-André, Le Port, Cilaos, Saint-Paul, Saint-Denis, Saint-Gilles. From July 26th until August 6th, 2nd Festival of local theatre at the Cinérama. August 4th, evening of support at Art Mafate. From November 23rd until December 29th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s “Etuves” at the Cinérama, 11 performances, and from November 14th until December 30th of “L’Esclavage des Nègres” adapted from Olympe de Gouges, 29 performances. In total, 10 Créol’s fanfares in Reunion and the French West Indies. National label of the Bicentenary of the French Revolution.


In January and March 15 new performances of Nina Ségamour at the Grand Marché theatre in Saint-Denis. Launch of the petition « Save Vollard at the Grand Marché ». April 18th, on tour at Le Tampon. From March 24th until April 15th, 16 new performances of the Barbier de Séville at the Grand Marché. Tyé sèt, Blès Quatorz, was performed again 5 times at Le Port, Saint-André, La Possession. April 4th and 5th, day of action and support concert at the Barachois in Saint-Denis « Vollard lé gaillard ». From June 5th - 30th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Run Rock at the Grand Marché, 12 performances. July 8th, production of Nelson et le Volcan for the Saint-Denis Children’s Book Festival. From July until December, 24 performances at Saint-Leu, Saint-André, Sainte-Marie, Le Port, La Saline, Saint-Benoît, La Possession. July 1st, last performances of “Run Rock” at the Grand Marché. August 31st, eviction and move to the Cinérama at La Possession. October 25th, inaugural party. November 3rd, projections of the film and affaire Godard’s “Je vous salue, Marie”. From November 20th until December 12th, production of Pierre-Louis Rivière’s “Garson” at the Cinérama, 16 performances. December 29th and 30th, revival of “Marie Dessembre” at the Cinérama. Throughout the year, 6 Créol’s fanfares. Jean-Marc Florimond employed as stage manager. Vollard Theatre appointed future Drama school.


Actors Délixia Perrine, Gilles Lauret and Corinne Giraud were employed. From March 3rd – 22nd, « Grand Marché du theatre » at the Grand Marché theatre with 17 local companies. In April, revival of Colandie at Saint-Pierre, Champ Fleuri (for the 5th International Symposium of Creole languages), April 19th at Pointe à Pitre, 25th and 26th at Fort de France, May 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th at Beaubourg on invitation from the International Theatre of French language, 23rd May at Pézenas. From June 27th until July 12th, production of Pierre-Louis Rivière’s Tyé Sèt, Blès Quatorz, 9 performances at the Saint-Denis Children’s Book Festival, 19 performances on tour in Le Port, La Possession, Le Bernica, Sainte-Suzanne, Piton Saint-Leu and outlying areas of Saint-Denis. Chasseur de Tangues was revived for 16 performances at Plaine des Palmistes, the Grand March theatre, Saint-Paul, April 18th at Les Abymes (Guadeloupe), April 21st and 22nd at Robert and Schoelcher (Martinique), May 18th at Juaye Mondaye in Normandy. From July 15th until August 20th, participation in the filming of Jean-Marc Desrosiers’ “Blancs des Hauts”. Revival of Médecin Volant at Le Tampon. In September, October and November, filming of the TV series Les Flamboyants. December 23rd, performance for the Nuit des Nodules at the Grand Marché. From November 18th until December 5th, production of Beaumarchais’ Barbier de Seville, directed by Henri Segelstein, 17 performances at the Grand Marché. In October, the Grand Marché welcomed Manarf, object theatre, the Zanonymes, in December Yun Chane. 33 performances in total. Throughout the year, 37 Créol’s fanfares in Reunion, the French West Indies and in mainland France.


From April 16th until May 7th, production of Molière’s Médecin Volant directed by Pierre-Louis Rivière, 55 performances at the Grand Marché theatre of Saint-Denis, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Paul, Petite Ile, Etang-Salé, Avirons, Le Port, Cilaos, Champ Fleuri, Le Tampon. July 1st 1985, production of Chasseur de Tangues, directed and adapted by Pierre-Louis Rivière and Rachel Pothin for the Saint-Denis Children’s Book Festival, 44 performances in primary schools, outdoor centres and end of year Christmas parties. From November 15th until December 30th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Colandie at the Grand Marché theatre of Saint-Denis, 22 performances, state aid for drama productions. From July 25th until August 15th, Torouze is put on again, 21 performances at the Grand Marché theatre, Le Port, Sainte-Marie. Throughout the year, 26 Créol’s fanfares and December 22nd participation in the Saint-Denis parade. In April, the Grand Marché saw the Clown Compagnie, and the Theatre du Tourniquet; in March the Theatre de la Glèbe; in May the Theatre Acta et de Source Vive; from June 15th until 29th, Improvisation league; July 5th, Ritter mime artist; from August 23rd until 30th, Blues Coco by Tropicadéro; from September 25th until October 4th, Terre si Corps company (Yun Chane). In total, 28 evenings. From September until December, the actors received musical training at the Saint-Denis academy.


Nicole Angama employed as administrator, Rachel Pothin as actress and in charge of PR, Arnaud Dormeuil thanks to a Youth and Sport contract. February 1984, first publication of a text by Emmanuel Genvrin, Marie Dessembre, in the magazine Lansiv. March 29th, Triomphe de l’Amour is on tour at Saint-André, May 2nd at Saint-Denis, February 16th and 17th in Mauritius, May 4th and 5th in Madagascar. March 26th at the 22nd September, Mariage de Mascarin is on tour at Saint-Gilles, Le Port, Sainte-Suzanne, Saint-Paul, Saint-Denis, Bras Canot, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Joseph, Cilaos, Plaine des Cafres, October 4th, 5th, 9th (4 performances) at Élancourt in mainland France. From August 11th to 18th, revival of Nina Ségamour at the Grand Marché theatre, August 29th at the Stage and Screen Festival of Saint-Pierre, September 2nd at Saint-Louis. October 2nd and 7th, on tour in mainland France at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, October 13th at Châtellerault, 17th at Eymoutiers, 18th at Saint-Yrieix, 25th at Felletin (during the International Francophonies Festival), November 6th at Mantes-la-Jolie, 17th at Chartres, 21st at the Château de Cassan at Montpellier. From April 24th until 28th, from May 9th until 30th, from July 3rd until 27th, from September 11th to 21st, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Torouze at the Grand Marché theatre of Saint-Denis, September 2nd, 3rd, 4th at Saint-Pierre. September 11th, move into new offices at the Grand Marché theatre. October 5th and 6th, on tour in mainland France at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, October 20th and 21st at Limoges. From November 8th - 15th, training course with the Theatre de la Jacquerie at the TEP in Paris. November 12th, improvisation training course, October 8th at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, at Aubervilliers. 24th October, meeting with Daniel Mesguich in Limoges. The Grand Marché theatre saw : in May Jacques Delord’s Musicomédiens, in June the Yun Chane company, Eric Franceiris’ Theatre du Corbeau, and a Creole evening. 26 school activities about Torouze and Triomphe de l’Amour were held in Reunion and Mauritius. 10 Créol’s fanfares on tour in mainland France.


Emmanuel Genvrin employed as full-time director. From January 3rd to 8th, from April 5th to 29th, revival of Nina Ségamour at the Grand Marché theatre, May 26th, 27th, 28th at Le Tampon, July 22nd at the Festival of the Iles du Frioul in Marseilles and July 28th at the 8th Popular music of Festival of Martigues. From February until December, Mariage de Mascarin on tour at Le Tampon, Plaine des Palmistes, Salazie, Trois Bassins, Saint-Benoît, l’Entre-Deux, La Montagne, Saint-André, Petite Ile, Saint-Louis, from April 6th to 27th at the Grand Marché. From March 25th to April 30th, mask exhibition at Saint-Denis Town Hall. From June 21st to July 29th, Créol’s fanfares at l’Ilet Quinquina, Saint-Paul, La Saline, Château Morange, Saint-Denis’s Lychee Festival, Marseilles and Martigues. From November 17th to 29th, December 1st to 30th, production of Marivaux’s Triomphe de l’Amour at the Grand Marché theatre, directed by Pierre-Louis Rivière.


March 15th 1982, Vollard Theatre was set up as a non-profit making association. Olivier Mayolle was hired as administrator, Pierre-Louis Rivière and Jean-Luc Trulès as permanent actors, Madeleine Sitalaprésad and Marie-Hélène Dormeuil as Young sports and youth volunteers. April 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th, May 20th, 21st and 22nd, Marie Dessembre performed again at the Grand Marché, Saint-Denis. June 16th, 17th and 18th, on tour at the Le Tampon theatre, July 12th and 13th at Saint-Benoît. July 3rd, 6th, 7th, production of Monteverdi’s Orféo at the Rontaunay car park in Saint-Denis, July 9th on tour at Le Tampon. August 27th, 28th, 30th, 31st, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Mariage de Mascarin, at the outdoor centres of Saint-Denis; from September 6th to 11th, performances at the Grand Marché. In October, Emmanuel Genvrin appointed junior lecturer at the University of Reunion. From December 10th to 30th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Nina Ségamour at the Grand Marché Theatre in Saint-Denis, 14 performances. Government aid for drama productions.


March, creation of a theatre course at the University of Reunion supervised by Emmanuel Genvrin. April 1st, “coup de theatre” : parade of puppets and masks from the Tempest in the streets of Saint-Denis. April 4th, 7th, 10th and 14th, The Tempest at the Saint-Jacques hall in Saint-Denis. Activities for schoolchildren. June 30th, The Tempest at the Saint-Gilles theatre. August 27th, 28th and 29th, September 3rd, 4th, 5th and 12th, Ti Zan La Pèr Bébet’ on tour in the school outdoor centres of Saint-Denis. From December 1st to 11th, activities for schoolchildren. From December 12th to 23rd, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Marie Dessembre at the Grand Marché theatre of Saint-Denis, 10 performances. December 20th, “coup de theatre” : Sarda Garriga’s landing re-enacted at the Barachois, Saint-Denis.


March 22nd and 23rd, course at the community arts centre (MJC) of Le Tampon. April, negotiations with the town council concerning access to the theatre. May 2nd, 3rd, 6th, Ubu Roi was on tour at the Saint-Jacques Hall at Saint-Denis. May 3rd, “coup de theatre” : Ubu in the streets of Saint-Denis. June 11th and 14th, on tour at Saint-Pierre. July 8th and 11th, school performances of Ubu at the theatre of Le Tampon. 16th and 17th August, theatre course at La Saline. August, Ubu Roi taken off the programme of the Festival of the Indian Ocean organised by the Reunionese Centre for Cultural action (Crac). From September 28th until October 1st, production of Ti Poi and Poiron, of La Farce des Mendiants and of Ti Zan La Pèr Bebèt on the occasion of the 2nd Flower Show of the Indian Ocean at the Jardin d’Etat public garden at Saint-Denis. November 12th, December 20th, 21st clowns and fanfare at the festival of Le Tampon, at the Post Office of Saint-Denis, at l’Impro at Trois-Mares. December 6th, 9th, 13th: adaptation of William Shakespeare’s/Aimé Césaire’s The Tempest at the Le Tampon theatre.


March 31st and April 1st 1979, mask course at Le Tampon community arts centre (MJC). September 15th and 16th, November 3rd and 4th, new courses at the theatre of Le Tampon. December 8th, 11th and 14th, production of Ubu Roi at the Le Tampon theatre.

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