The 2000s


End of receivership. Preparatory trips to Madagascar from March 22nd-April 6th and June 15th-28th. Performances of the opera Maraina at the Antananarivo Albert Camus Centre June 29th and 30th in front of an audience of 600. At Camp Flacourt, Fort Dauphin (south-east Madagascar) July 7th in front of an audience of 400. Jean-Luc Trulès conducted the Bulgarian symphony orchestra Statale di Silven (Beethoven, Stravinsky) at Atri (Italy) on August 21st and 24th.


Preparatory trips to Mauritius for the opera Maraina in February and June, to Madagascar in October, to mainland France in March, June and November. Revival of Maraina at the Luc Donat theatre of Le Tampon on December 13th, at the Champ Fleuri theatre (Saint-Denis, Reunion) on December 15th in front of an audience of 500.


Preparatory trips for the opera Maraina in February to Lyon and Paris, in April to Mauritius, in May and September to Madagascar. Rehearsals with the soloists in Montreuil in August, in Reunion (Jeumon) in October. Performances at the Champ Fleuri theatre on November 16th, 18th, 19th in front of a total audience of 2 600. "Un théâtre nommé Vollard" by Catherine Damour shown at the Kinshasa FIA (Actor’s International Festival) on June 15th.


Recording of extracts of the opera Maraina with the orchestra and choirs of Reunion County Council on March 10th, 11th, 12th at the Regional Academy (CNR) of Saint Denis. Trips to Mauritius in September, to Madagascar in December : the score of Maraina is sealed in a monument to the first Reunionese in Fort Dauphin. Revival of "Quartier Français" in Le Port (Grande halle) on June 18th in front of an audience of 610. Video recording of the show by Patrick Virand from June 8th -12th. Exhibition "Baudelaire au Paradis" and conference in Mauritius about the poet on September 16th. 5 concerts by Vollard Combo in May, October and November in Le Port, Saint Denis, Saint Gilles in front of a total of 2 785 people. 8 performances of "Séga Tremblad" in Saint Joseph, Saint Denis (University), Saint Benoit in October and November in front of 2 164 audience members. Catherine Damour’s documentary "Un théâtre nommé Vollard" screened at the University of Reunion on November 5th and broadcast on TV5 International and RFO in December.


10 concerts and 6 fanfares Vollard Combo at Saint Leu, Saint Denis, Mafate, Manapany, Sainte Anne, Sainte Marie from February until December before a total audience of 4 000. Concert at Groix on September 30th at the Island Film Festival, and screening of Catherine Damour’s film "Un Théâtre nommé Vollard". The documentary was also shown at the Limoges Francophonies Festival on September 24th, at the Africa and Islands Festival (Reunion) on October 15th, at the Écrans du réel Festival in Le Mans on November 8th, in Montréal on April 25th where it received the prize for Best Documentary and TV5’s Prize for intercultural communication. "Séga Tremblad" was invited to the Mangrove Festival in Marseilles on May 30th and 31st. Revival of "Quartier Français" for 15 performances in Saint Denis (Jeumon), Saint Joseph, and Sainte Suzanne (in Quartier Français’ courtyard) in June and November in front of a total audience of 3 584. Maraina, Indian Ocean opera in the process of being written, trip to Madagascar in July.


7 performances of "Séga Tremblad" at Villeneuve La garenne on March 15th during the Chorus Festival of the Hauts de Seine, at Bagnoland on March 22nd, in the French West Indies April 11th - 20th. Participation in the "Grand Boucan" carnival in St Gilles, La Réunion, construction of 2 floats and concert Vollard Combo on June 23rd, Vollard Combo on tour from July 3rd - 5th in La Réunion. Production of QUARTIER FRANÇAIS at the Ravine Saint Leu (Reunion) from September 28th until October 12th in front of an audience of 3 500. A scenario was written with Yves Boisset in November. Catherine Damour ’s film "Un théâtre nommé Vollard" (A theatre called Vollard) broadcast by RFO on 19th December.


26 performances of "Séga Tremblad" on tour in La Réunion and at Jeumon from March 23rd until June 6th, 20 performances at the Festival d’Avignon from July 6th-28th, 5 at the Vincennes cartridge factory (Épée de Bois theatre) from September 30th until October 14th, at Savigny le Temple on October 6th, at the Drama Event of Carthage (Tunisia) from October 18th - 22nd. Television recording of the show by RFO at the Le Tampon theatre on March 28th and broadcast on December 19th. Sound recording by France Culture at Avignon on July 20th and 21st for a broadcast in November. 29 concerts of the group Vollard Combo in La Réunion from March 8th - 16th then again from 1st -21st December. They played the first part of "Alfrédo de la Fé" on March 30th and 31st along with the musicians of Sergent Garcia at the Saint Gilles theatre in La Réunion. Le CD "Séga Tremblad" is n°1 of Discorama’s sales in March.


"Séga Tremblad" at Jeumon from January 4th - 11th, and at the Mountains Festival January 14th and 15th. January 26th, publication of the book "Vollard Twenty years", presentation and debate at the bookshop ’Entrepôt’s’ Cyber Café at St Denis on February 17th then on February 26th at the Cazal bookshop in St Pierre. Invitation to Laval for music training courses, a literary event, an exhibition and two performances of "Baudelaire au Paradis" from April 3rd to 15th. Preview of the exhibition Vollard Twenty Years at the ARCC (Reunionnese Association of Communication and Culture) Porte de la Chapelle in Paris on April 21st. Recording of the CD "Séga Tremblad" in the studios of Yerres, near Paris, June 7th-15th. Creation of the musical group Vollard Combo and concert at the Hédé Festival (Brittany) August 15th. Start of the web site vollard.com September 1st. "Séga Tremblad" at the Divan du Monde venue in Paris from September 14th until November 6th. Publication of the script by Harmattan, 5 continents collection, on 14th September, release of the CD distributed by Mélodie on September 4th, show cases at the FNAC on 28th September and 19th October, concerts by Vollard Combo at the ARCC Porte de la Chapelle October 6th, at the Divan November 6th. November 20th in Paris Séga Tremblad won the trophy 2000 for best overseas show. The video ’Kafrine’ filmed in Reunion from December 7th-10th.

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