The 1990s


From March 22nd-27th at the Météores festival of Douai, performances of Kari Vollard and Noëlla, music training, and fanfare parade. October 8th Tropicadero concert at Divan du Monde, October 9th Kari Vollard, fanfare Madoré at Saint Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). March 13th during the TV programme Cercle de Minuit on the channel France 2 Emmanuel Genvrin questioned Catherine Trautmann, Minister for the Arts, about the company’s situation. In April, 120 performers and writers created a support committee for the survival of Vollard Theatre. May 3rd the County Court of Saint Denis put the company into receivership. June 18th saw a lawsuit for intimidation and insults at the Magistrate’s Court of Saint Denis. On July 2nd acquittal of the charges of intimidation, imposition of a fine of 5000 FRF each for André Pangrani, president of the association, and Emmanuel Genvrin. July 1st Sylvette Annibal was recruited as administrator. October 16th Emmanuel Genvrin was invited to the Salon du Livre outremer (Overseas Book Fair) in Paris. November 10th the company celebrated its twentieth birthday at Jeumon. On December 10th Sega Tremblad was performed for the first time at Jeumon.


January 3rd and 10th, revival of Kari Vollard at Jeumon; from June 11th– December 5th (59 performances) at Divan du Monde in Paris, September 11th and 12th at the Fête de l’Humanité at La Courneuve. March 21st, Marial parade around La Réunion in a vintage car. From April 3rd until May 20th, revival of Baudelaire au Paradis (26 performances) at Jeumon; April 7th and 9th, 3 performances at Le Tampon; June 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th at the French Language International Theatre at La Villette, September 4th at the Trianon theatre, November 3rd at Vanves theatre; from November 10th until December 1st, 9 performances in Normandy at Thury Harcourt, Carentan, Saint-Hilaire du Harcouet, Aunay-sur-Odon, Cormelles-le-Royal, Bayeux. September 4th, 5th et 6th, Pigalle Marron in Paris. In June, July and September, Créol’s fanfare in Paris’ 18th arrondissement. April 7th, production of an exhibition about Baudelaire’s voyage to the Mascarene Islands par Emmanuel Cambou at Jeumon. From April 17th until 25th, literary festival « Baudelaire and Jeanne » at La Réunion, June 6th at La Villette, November 26th at Caen, December 1st at Bayeux. In November, 10 school activities in Lower Normandy. December 11th, the company was put into receivership. December 12th, redundancy of permanent employees and party night of support « Sauvons Vollard » (“Save Vollard”) at the Divan du Monde venue.


From January 8th until June 18th, revival of Noëlla, 5 performances at Saint-André and Jeumon. From January 15th until December 17th, José was put on again, 9 performances at Saint-André, Jeumon, Le Port. From March 14th until April 12th, revival of Émeutes at Jeumon, 12 performances. April 9th, 12th, 13th, revival of Histoires de La Réunion at the Exhibition Center of Saint-Denis, June 13th at the First French Grotto of Saint-Paul. May 1st, parade of performers in the streets of Saint-Denis and Kabar Z’intermittents celebration at Jeumon. From June 6th – 27th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Kari Vollard with Tropicadéro, 11 performances. From December 6th- 30th, revival at Jeumon; September 6th, it was performed at the Laval Uburlesques. From July 15th until September 4th, revival of Lepervenche at Ivry-sur-Seine, 35 performances. August 26th, participation in the Paris Quartier d’Été parade at the Tuileries. From April 11th - September 5th, 16 Créol’s fanfares at La Possession, Ivry, Laval. From November 4th -16th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Baudelaire au Paradis, 8 performances at Granville, Saint Maurice and Grand Quevilly. In March, a Parisian agency for Théâtre Vollard was opened rue Véron at Montmartre then boulevard de Sébastopol at Châtelet. The company Yun Chane Accueil was in residence at Jeumon. December 12th, 19th and 26th, production of Madoré by Tropicadéro at Jeumon.


From January 2nd-7th Ubu Colonial was put on again, 10 performances Stalingrad square in Paris, September 6th & 7th at the Uburlesques at Laval, September 27th and 28th at Vitry-sur-Seine. February 16th, celebration "Under the stars" at Jeumon. From March 19th until May 22nd, revival of Lepervenche, 35 performances at Grande Chaloupe, October 11th to 24th at Trappes. October 6th, les Créol’s concert at Vitry, October 25th at Elancourt. From March to December, José was on tour, 4 performances at Saint-Denis, La Saline, La Plaine des Cafres, la Grande Chaloupe. December 5th, creation of Histoires de La Réunion by Emmanuel Genvrin at the Business school of the Reunion Chamber of Commerce at Saint-Denis. December 19th, 20th and 21st, production of Émeutes by Pierre-Louis Rivière at the Tampon theatre. From September 29th until October 19th, 17 fanfares at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. From May 8th–12th, Xavier Filliol’s Naufrage du San Matéo performed at Jeumon. From June until November, a Vollard Theatre office installed at the Prisme of Elancourt, run by Xavier Filliol.


January 6th and 13th, revival of Votez Ubu Colonial, 40 performances at Jeumon, July 8th and 9th at the Festival du Frioul at Marseilles, July 13th – August 1st in Paris Quartiers d’été, Stalingrad Square, December 8th until 31st again in Paris. February 10th, in protest, Emmanuel Genvrin walked off the set of Antenne Réunion during a programme about the theatre company. From January 7th-25th, revival of Noëlla; in November, 9 performances at Jeumon, Saint-Paul, Saint-Pierre. In March, rehearsals for Lepervenche at Grande Chaloupe were suspended. From April 21st until May 30th, revival of Millenium, Apsara at Jeumon, 11 performances. From October 25th until November 4th, Marmay’ Jeumon festival in the stage set workshops. On July 13th, the speech from Ubu Colonial at the Dom-Tom (overseas French departments and territories) Ministry. December 16th and 17th, fanfare activities in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. From October 23rd until December 16th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s José, 10 performances at Jeumon, Saint-Leu, Saint-Pierre, Saint-François, Le Port. In July, work starts in the Jeumon hall. From January 13th until June 23rd, 28 music groups played at the Kabar Bar. October-November, a CD was recorded, Les Ségas of Vollard Theatre by Tropicadéro. August-September, Pierre-Louis Rivière is in author’s residence with a scholarship at the CNL (National Centre for French language and literature) at Limoges. December 25th Noella shown on the TV station Antenne Réunion. In September a Parisian office run by Emmanuel Cambou was opened in the premises of the Agecif (Association for the management of personal training leave).


Vincent Panchen employed as stage manager. March 29th, Marie Dessembre centre was opened (outpatient hospital) at Sainte Clotilde. April 1st, Ti Bouz enkor celebration at Jeumon. From April 7th-May 6th Carousel was on tour, 18 performances at Tapage, Saint Louis, Trois Bassins, Le Tampon, Cilaos, Le Port and shown again at Jeumon from May 21st-June 11th. March 7th, revival of Femèlage at Saint Denis; May 7th at Saint-Paul. From May 7th until December 23rd, Noëlla was on tour, 24 performances at Saint-Paul, Le Port, Saint-Pierre, La Montagne, Moufia, Saint-Gilles, Plaine des Cafres, La Montagne, La Saline, La Possession, Jeumon. On May 11th, ’Débutage du Kabar Bar’ celebration in a stage design created by Emmanuel Cambou. From July 13th until December 30th, production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Votez Ubu Colonial, 34 performances at Jeumon. From November 10th-18th, on tour at Saint-Pierre. From August 20th–22nd, Emmanuel Genvrin was President of the Jean-Fanchette Prize (theatre) in Mauritius. On September 23rd, theatre activities for Peugeot-Caillé directed by Emmanuel Cambou at Saint-Denis. On December 7th, opening of the exhibition Ambroise chez Vollard by Emmanuel Cambou and theatre activities at Jeumon. In total from April 9th until 28th November, 13 fanfares. From May 13th until December 23rd, reception of 33 music groups at the Kabar Bar.


From January 5th – July 23rd revival of Nina Ségamour at Jeumon, 27 performances. January 31st, March 14th and 31st revival of Femèlage five times at Plaine des Cafres and Saint Denis. July 23rd and 24th “Mille Bougies” (Thousand Candles) celebration. October 2nd and 5th production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Millenium-Apsara, 8 performances at Champ Fleuri theatre, October 12th at Le Tampon, October 21st and 22nd at the Rose Hill theatre in Mauritius during the 5th Francophone summit. From November 5th until December 23rd production of Emmanuel Genvrin’s Noëlla, 8 performances at Saint Bernard, La Saline, Saint Paul, Saint Gilles, Saint Pierre, La Plaine des Cafres and Le Port. May 19th concert by Arthur H., July 21st by Graeme Allright. From September 1st-15th recording of a video by Daniel Vabois. The Improductibles and Tropicadéro rehearsed the whole year at Jeumon.


From March 7th until October 22nd revival of Femèlage, 9 performances at Saint Denis, Grande Chaloupe, Saint Benoit. April 3rd inauguration party for the Ti bird music-café in a stage design by Emmanuel Cambou at Jeumon. From April 7th until June 24th production of Carousel by Pierre-Louis Rivière at Jeumon, 23 performances. From May 30th until October 31st revival of Lepervenche at Grande Chaloupe, 21 performances. From September 14th-19th the actors went on hunger strike at Barachois, Saint Denis. June 21st participation in Music Festival at Jeumon. From September 29th- October 15th production of Millenium-l’Apocalypse by Emmanuel Genvrin at Jeumon, 11 performances. October 19th-24th theatre activities at Saint Denis led by Emmanuel Cambou on the theme of new technology. October 30th and 31st revival of La Malle Desbassyns at Villèle and activities were held for Creole Week at the Jardin d’Etat public garden in Saint Denis. From November 20th-29th operation “Banga” was held by Jeumon Arts Plastiques (Jeumon Visual Arts) at Jeumon. December 29th Nina Ségamour was performed again at Jeumon.


February 21st and 22nd, Amphitryon on tour in Mauritius. March 8th production of Rachel Pothin’s Femèlage for International Women’s Day, 9 performances in Saint Denis and Bras Panon. March 15th-30th participation in the symposium “Theatre of East Africa and the Indian Ocean” in Burundi. April 12th 1991 inauguration of Jeumon by a celebration ’Vollard Nana Set Po’ in a stage design by Emmanuel Cambou. From April 12th – May 15th revival of Marie Dessembre at Jeumon, 19 performances; December 11th and 15th two open air performances at Villèle. May 22nd saw the launch of the slogan “Quelle culture ?” (What Culture ?) at Jeumon. From May 24th until November 27th revival of Lepervenche at Grande Chaloupe, 29 performances. October 9th to November 26th production of Dionysiennes by Alain Aloual Dumazel adapted from Eurpides’ The Bacchae, 22 performances at Jeumon. From July until December Emmanuel Genvrin was a scholarship holder at the Centre national des lettres (National Centre for French language and literature), in author’s residence at Limoges. December 18th performance of Mil Prodiges-Millenium by the senior class of Limousin High School in Limoges. July 20th “Alé Marcel” party organised by Emmanuel Cambou, Chinese alley in Saint Denis. December 6th Jeumon welcomed Elmer Food Beat and Tropicadéro. Rehearsals at Jeumon for Bilimbi by Tropicadéro and for ’Vin tan, toué par la sangé’ by the Téat Dalon. December 19th, 20th and 21st participation in “Arts Dechainés” a performance-exhibition at Jeumon Arts Plastiques (Jeumon Visual Arts).


January 3rd and 5th revival of Etuves at Cinérama, La Possession. January 11th on tour at Plaine des Cafres, May 2nd and 3rd at the Botanique at Brussels. From March 2nd until April 6th production of Moliere’s Amphitryon, directed by Henri Segelstein at the Cinerama, 33 performances. In October on tour at the Champ Fleuri Theatre at Saint Denis and at Le Tampon. July 14th 1990 production of La Malle Desbassyns by Pierre-Louis Rivière for the inauguration of the historic Villèle Museum. From August 17th until November 30th production of Lepervenche, railroad by Emmanuel Genvrin at Grande Chaloupe, 38 performances. December 14th 1990 Marie Dessembre is replayed in the open-air, directed by Pierre-Louis Rivière at the Villèle museum. The performance was followed by a big party organised by Emmanuel Cambou. The whole year 6 Créol’s fanfare performances at St Denis, Le Port and La Possession. From May 14th -25th a course in sung theatre by Alain Aloual Dumazel at Cinérama, in April and May in Mauritius. In November a course in theatre in Mauritius run by Emmanuel Genvrin. Rehearsals for Cité de Tropicadéro, Tino and Nicole Angama’s witch at Cinérama. June 22nd interview in Paris with Bernard Faivre d’Arcier, director of Theatres about the company’s future. Announcement of the company’s return to Saint Denis. December 15th three prizes at the Nuit des Volcans d’Or award ceremony at Champ Fleuri : Arnaud Dormeuil for best actor, Delixia Perrine, best actress, Lepervenche, best show.

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