1987 à 1990 - La Possession

The cinema crisis meant that many cinemas on Reunion were available, including that of Cinérama at La Possession, which Vollard Theatre occupied from September 1987 onwards. Rudimentarily fitted out, decorated with stencils by Laurent Segelstein, there was a courtyard where open-air performances and celebrations could be held. The company spent a second golden age there, but neither the town council nor the County council was willing to repurchase the building and undertake the necessary renovations. So Vollard Theatre considered returning to Saint Denis and the Cinérama became a hardware store. Previously the company had thought about settling in the hills behind La Possession, in the former Sainte Therese sugar factory.


"The former cinema that houses the fifteen actors of Vollard theatre is something of a "nuovo Paradiso". Unlikely, colourfully decorated, a small concrete cube standing cockily a stone’s throw from the motorway, it asserts the theatre’s presence, there where you would least expect it."
[Chantal Aubry, La Croix]

Theatre gathering 1988

From July 26th - August 6th 1988 the second local theatre gathering, organised by Pierre-Louis Rivière, assembled 14 companies and 3700 audience members. The 1980s saw a local theatre "boom" helped by generous backing from the local authorities. The 1990s were to be more difficult.

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