Saint Denis Town Hall

1981 to 1983

The success of Ubu Roi and the Tempest at the Saint Jacques Hostel encouraged Saint Denis’ youth service and its director Jean-Pierre Ducart to open the capital’s doors to us in 1981. This was our first move and was followed by a period of expansion until the eviction in 1987. The company was first installed in a wing of the former Town Hall which was used as a rehearsal hall and offices until 1983; we thought about moving to the Jean-Bosco hall, at the cathedral presbytery Rue de Paris, and finally moved into the Grand Marché itself, where the company had been putting on its performances since Marie Dessembre. Upstairs in a former police station, which had later become a welfare office, we set up our administrative offices ! At the former town hall, where we hadn’t been able to receive the public for safety reasons, we organised an exhibition of masks, posters and photographs showing the company’s debuts.

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