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1982 - The Créol's


Nina Ségamour performances necessitated a whole sega music orchestra on stage. Actors, many of who were already musicians or singers, set to it, directed by Jean-Luc Trulès. This was also where Arnaud Dormeuil started when he entered the company, originally as an organist, thanks to his sister Marie-Hélène, a singer. The repertoire was based on the company’s original compositions as well as Reunion Island’s traditional songs. Les Créol’s as an electric group played at many concerts and dances during the company’s different events and tours, for dances at the Francophonies Festival at Limoges, at Elancourt, at the communities festival at Saint-Denis (Paris), Nodules Night at the Grand Marché, Art Mafate evenings at the Cinérama (singer Nicole Angama). In 1996 Nicole Dambreville performed with Créol’s at the Marne Festival and at Trappes at the end of performances of Lepervenche.

Two singles

Les Créol’s did two studio recordings, the first in 1982 with two songs from Nina Ségamour "Batay batay" and "Séga Lesport", the second time for Colandie in 1984 with "Les saisons" and "Paris Saint-Denis". Two videos were recorded in 1989 by RFO for its programme Varangue.

Vidéo clip Paris Saint-Denis - 1989 _ durée 3 mn -

fanfare, street festivals

Les Créol’s played on stage acoustically during specific productions such as Lepervenche, Colandie, Mascarin, Emeutes, Run Rock, Ubu Colonial, Baudelaire au paradis, etc. The band also played for numerous street festivals accompanying the promotion of performances, or during processions for example in Saint Denis on December 20th 1987, the Quartier d’été parade at the Tuileries in 1997, at Laval for the Uburlesques in 1999, at Pigalle Marron in 98, at the Festival d’Avignon in 2001, etc. The group was composed of brass, bass drum, percussions and singing; they had their own costume (multi-coloured shirts), specific contracts and more than 200 performances to their name.

In 2000 Les Créol’s became Vollard Combo

From 1999 onwards the show Séga Tremblad led to new changes. It meant professionalizing more and making the group administratively more independent both as a concert formation and as a musical band. We now play under the name Vollard Combo with Arnaud Dormeuil as singer, Yaelle Trulès and Tatiana Ehrlich as backing singers.

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