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The group Tropicadero

img3416|left>Tropicadero is a musical theatre company created by Dominique Attali and Jean-Luc Trulès in 1983 in Paris. Both participated in the founding of Vollard theatre. When Jean-Luc came back to Reunion Island definitively in 1988 he created Tropicadero-Réunion, later also led by his partner Nicole Leichnig. Jean-Luc was keen to develop his own artistic projects. It’s mainly the tropical rock group Tropicadero that took off in the 1990s, recording several CDs and gaining a certain amount of fame. However the dramatic aspect has always remained present, for example in the organisation of concert-performances, musical theatre, fanfares or lending their support to different events.


1983 "Une femme seule" (A woman alone). Performance by Dominique Attali, played at the Grand Marché in Saint Denis then in Paris

1985 "Blues Coco", musical performance with avec Jean-Luc Trulès, Dominique and Laurent Attali. Set in Paris and Saint Denis (Reunion Island) a burlesque and colourful musical performance. In the order of their arrival on stage : a servant in her fifties, a sleepy pianist, an alcoholic drummer, a cat, a stuck-up secretary, a cantankerous director, the memory of a woman ...

1989 "Crime chez l’antiquaire" (Crime at the Antique dealer’s) Parody of a B movie, created and performed by three actor-musicians : Jean-Luc Trulès, Nicole Leichnig, Dominique Carrère. A nocturnal story that veers off into undefined places. The text is more of a narrative than a dialogue; the original music is played live. The dance looks like slow motion, accelerated, freeze-frame. A newspaper was published for this performance : "le petit reporter" (The Little Reporter). It takes the place of a programme, and has different columns like a real newspaper. Two bloody corpses have been found at 3am, rue Quinquampoix

1990 "Cité", local street performance. Tap dance on the tarmac, in the middle of hard-working musclemen. The orchestration had the sounds of drums and motorbikes, horns and brass, on a Maloya-rock beat. Urban geometry, scaffolding, neon lights, concrete and cardboard boxes. Imagine the future, a changing world with crazy habits. People live underneath cardboard boxes ... squat balconies ... groups of nomads on motorbikes drive round and round, claiming this place as their own ... Intimate scenes of a couple’s life, adapted from Cocteau’s "Bel Indifférent" ….

1991 "Tropic’ Fanfare". Acrobats mix theatre with brass band music. Sega-maloya songs. This flexible formula allowed an adaptation to festivals, markets, hamlets. Brass band and percussions, a capella singing, dances and drums.

1992 " Spectaculaire Concert " (Spectacular concert). Gathers a group of musician-actors based on an original score and a tropical production. Ninety minutes of fantastic stories from the Bronx to ’hot’ districts, from Colimaçon to Barbès. The dancers look like characters from black TV series. The actor-pyrotechnicians got swept away every evening. The musicians make funny noises with their mouths. There’s text, there’s love, there’s fights.

1992 "Contes et Légendes de Bilimbi" (Tales and Legends about Bilimbi), a children’s show. Adapted from a traditional fable "The monkey and the hare". The endless scheming and quarrels of these two characters, the cunning of one, the gullibility of the other. 1993 C.D. " Sodron, Barbes, Los Anzéles ". Tropical Rock produced by Discrorama and recorded at Digital Studio.

1995 C.D. " Les Ségas du Théâtre Vollard" (Vollard Theatre segas), a recording of compositions created for Vollard theatre’s productions. Discorama

1997 C.D. " Soul’Art ". Second CD of Tropical Rock produced by Discorama and recorded at Digital Studio

1998 " Madoré, the last street singer", musical performance for four actor-musicians. Philosophical tramps lead passers-by into their world of sound. Traditional instruments, accordions, kabosy, percussion. Crazy instruments mounted onto a caddy, tinpan xylophone, combs ...

2003 “ Bal d’Enfer ”. Dancing concert.


- 1993, Parades, Nanterre Street Arts Festival. 

- 1995, Nice Jazz Festival. 

- 1996, Comoros Islands, Madagascar, Namibia, Nantes Summer Festival, Francofolies at la Rochelle.
- 1998 Professional Meeting at Bollene, Festival of Andorra. 

- 1998 et 2000 Le Divan du Monde venue in Paris.


Tropicadéro a réalisé la musique du documentaire "Komine do fé". 56’
Tropicadéro created the music for the documentary "Komine do fé". 56’ The single "Ti sacé plastik" for the AIDS association "Sol la si da", with the participation of many performers from Reunion : Danyel Waro, Laurence Beaumarchais, Thierry Gauliris, Nicole Dambreville, Arnaud Dormeuil, Gramoune Lélé … TV credit music : "Ti Somin", "Le musée de la dodo", "Le musée du sel"

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