2000 - Vollard Combo

A musical theatre, Vollard theatre also housed an orchestra called "les Créol’s" for a long time (two CDs of sega music in 1982 et 1985). Operating as a traditional group or as a brass band, Creol’s became Tropicadéro during the 1990s, with more of a rock sound (two CDs with the Discorama record label in 1992 and 1994, a video, a musical show). In 1996 music from different stage shows was recorded onto a CD called "Tropicadéro chante les ségas du Théâtre Vollard" ("Tropicadéro sings Vollard Theatre’s segas") » . Vollard Combo was founded in 2000 following on from Séga Tremblad, a show telling the story of the "prince of sega music" Michel Admette, on which occasion a CD was recorded, distributed by Mélodie and produced by Julien Chirol, trombonist and arranger for the group Sergent Garcia; with, alongside Tropicadéro, Sergent’s and Charanga Keto’s musicians. A video "Kafrine" directed by RFO’s Gilbert Roger has been broadcast on the TV channel Télé Réunion since January 2001.

the CD

Produced by INDZO and Vollard theatre, recorded near Paris in June 2000, distributed by Mélodie in France and by Discorama on Reunion Island. Arrangements and artistic directors, Julien Chirol and Jean-Luc Trulès. 5000 copies sold, it was best maloya-sega album of the year 2000 (Télé Zapp Réunion). N° 1 on the island’s charts. Green label and favourite at the FNAC (large French entertainment retail chain), October 2000. On the playlists of FIP, Radio Nova, RFO radio stations.

Clip "Cafrine" - RFO 2001 - durée 3 mn -

the show

The Vollard Combo show, 90 minutes on stage in two sets, proposes an approach to Reunionese sega which evolves towards very varied rhythms, Salsa, maloya, afro-rock, rap, etc… A show presented by Arnaud Dormeuil, leading singer and actor of Vollard theatre, assisted by a singer-actress, former member of the group Ti Sours, understudy for Yaëlle Trulès at the Divan du Monde, Tatiana, daughter of Loy Ehrlich. A large group (12 musicians), Vollard Combo gets support from Yaelle Trulès (singing), Thierry Moucazembo or Thomas Ostrowiecki (percussions), Julien Chirol, trombone, Pierre-luc Jamain, keyboards, Gilles Garin, Yann Martin or Fabrice Martinez, trumpet, musicians from the group Sergent Garcia.

Extrait vidéo concert St Gilles 31 mars 2001 - durée 6 mn -

what the press think

"A page in the history of Reunionese music. Vollard has succeeded in making sega music reach new heights."
Jerry Ayan [Télé Zapp]

"An absolutely remarkable album, which breathes new life into sega music."
Vincent Pion [Le Quotidien]

"Unexpected and attractive blend"
André Maurice [RFO]

"The company has succeeded its masterstroke"
Bernard Sorbier [Visu]

"Jean-Luc Trulès’ compositions, arranged by a master’s hand, really know how to thrust their roots deep into Reunion before going to see elsewhere, preferably wherever sunshine has nurtured music. That alchemy, served on a plate to a sparkling Arnaud Dormeuil bursting with energy, who knows how to share his joie de vivre like no other, singing and playing, has a bright future ahead of it ..."
Vincent Pion [Le Quotidien]

"The inimitable Arnaud Dormeuil has given us a true festival of musical colours, a luminous concert full of emotions."
[Télé Zapp Réunion]

"With punch, Arnaud Dormeuil, the little man, singing for his friends but also for all those who’ve passed away, has once again succeeded his passage."
Ph P [Le Quotidien]


The group’s first concert performed under the name Vollard Combo was at the Hédé Festival in Brittany August 15th 2000. Since that date in total 83 stage performances, total audience 24 200.
In 2004, 5 concerts and fanfares in Reunion. At the Kabardock, at the University Concert at Groix (Brittany) September 30th 2003 at the Island Film Festival. 16 concerts and fanfares in Reunion. June 23rd 2002, concert at the Saint Gilles carnival, fanfares in hotels from March to June, in December 2001, 29 concerts in Reunion March 30th-31st 2001, Saint Gilles Open air Theatre, first part of Alfrédo de La Fé’s concert. October 7th 2000, concert at the ARCC (Paris), November 6th at the Divan du Monde September 28th, October 19th 2000, show case at the FNAC Saint Lazare and Forum des Halles, Paris August 15th 2000, Hédé Festival (Brittany)

Vollard Combo s’est reformé pour un concert unique le 8 novembre 2008 au Divan du Monde (Paris) lors d’un hommage au chanteur Arnaud Dormeuil décédé.

before 2000

1998, Tropicadéro, series of concerts at the Divan du Monde, Bollène Rencontres, Sète Festival, Andorra Festival, Tropiques métis, Paris, Fête de l’Humanité. 1997, Créol’s, fanfares at Paris Quartiers d’Été, Laval Uburlesques 1996, Tropicadéro, La Rochelle Francofolies, on tour in East Africa, Créol’s, Marne Festi’val 1995 Tropicadéro, Nice Jazz Festival 1993, Tropicadéro, Nanterre Festival Parade, spectacular concert at the Saint Gilles theatre (Reunion Island) (1993) 1989, Créol’s, fanfare and concerts at the Limoges International Francophonies Festival 1986, Créol’s, fanfare tour in the Caribbean 1984, Créol’s, fanfare and concerts at the Limoges International Francophonies Festival, Caribbean tour.

Vollard Combo musicians

  • Vocals, keyboards, accordion : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Vocals, maracas, keyboards, dance : Tatiana Ehrlich, Yaëlle Trulès, Samantha Banor
  • Keyboards, accordion, trombone, percussion, vocals : Jean Luc Trulès
  • Drums and percussion : Thierry Abmon, Ludivic Clain
  • Bass, double bass, percussion : Massimo Murgia, Julian Babou, François Mariapin, Lionel Guillemin
  • Saxophone tenor, baritone, clarinet, chorus, dance : Nicole Leichnig -* Trumpet : Yann Martin, Jean Pierre Jansen, Fabrice Martinez, Gilles Garin
  • Saxophone : Fabien Kisoka
  • Keyboards : Pierre-Luc Jamain
  • Trombone : Julien Chirol
  • Percussion : Thomas Ostrowiecki, Thierry Moucazembo

SOUND ENGINEER : Philippe Ritter

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