1980 - The Beggars' Farce

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on September 28th 1980 at the Jardin d’Etat public garden, for the Saint Denis Flower Festival. Written and directed by :Emmanuel Genvrin.

Pantalon (Emmanuel Genvrin), 2 mendiants (Fabienne de Iulis, Dominique Attali) This was my first try at writing in Creole with Vollard Theatre, a masked farce that was a precursor of a Creole commedia dell’arte since Ti Zan la pèr Bebet was to follow, then Le Mariage de Mascarin. This piece of writing could be considered as a preparation for Marie Dessembre, a real adult play.

The play

Pantalon strips two beggars who were trying to extort him.

what the press think

"The crowd was so enthusiastic that several times Emmanuel Genvrin’s companions were afraid for their masks!"
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper]


First performed at the Jardin d’Etat public garden on September 28th, performances in various schools and the Saint Denis Stade de l’Est stadium. 6 performances, 2 500 children.


  • Pantalon : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • 1st beggar : Fabienne de Iuliis,
  • 2nd beggar : Dominique Attali
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