1980, 1981

1980 - Tizan is scared of the bug

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on September 28th 1980 at the Jardin d’Etat public garden. Writer, director, mask-creator : Emmanuel Genvrin.

Written just after the Farce des Mendiants, the initial title was the "Farce du fantôme" (Phantom’s farce) with the characters Pantalon, Scappa et Spaguetti. Soon afterwards the play became more Creolised and became "Ti Zan la pèr Bébet" going further towards the elaboration of a Creole commedia dell’arte. Pantalon became Grosbourbon, Scappa became Mascarin, and Spaguetti became Tizan. Brigitte Pla helped me with the translation. The costumes were also ’Reunionised’. The Mariage de Mascarin was the next step, with situations that were initially typically Reunionese : the adventure was to finish with Marie-Dessembre where we were to see cronies Houaret et Mascarin for the last time. Afterwards the company no longer used masks. At the same time as these performances we organised a large number of school activities where pupils learnt to act with masks : la Comedia is an excellent way to learn drama, which I also used later, particularly at the University of Reunion.

The play

Ti Zan-Spaguetti and Mascarin-Scappa invent a ghost story in order to finish Pantalon-Grobourbon’s meal.

what the press think

"The Vollard company of Le Tampon’s community arts centre charmed children and parents alike, who’d come to see a masked performance, a style that this young company excels at."
[Le Journal de l’Île de La Réunion"]

"Emmanuel Genvrin has once again won, with humour and energy"
Alain Gili [Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

press articles

PDF - 378.2 kb
JIR, tizan, sept 1980
PDF - 889.6 kb
Le Quotidien (A.Gili), Tizan, octo 1980
PDF - 864.2 kb
Le Quotidien, Tizan nov 1980


First performed on September 28th 1980 at the Jardin d’Etat public garden for the Saint Denis Flower Festival. Performed again in August-September 1981 for an introduction to the theatre for school pupils. 22 performances over the whole island, 3 000 young audience members


  • Spaguetti : Fabienne de Iuliis,
  • Scappa, Tizan : Brigitte Pla
  • Mascarin : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Pantalon, Grobourbon : Emmanuel Genvrin,
  • The musician : Paul Randrianomé
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