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1982 - Mascarin's wedding

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on August 27th, 1982 in Saint Denis. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin Music : Jean-Luc Trulès

Reunionese comedia dell’arte (Mascarin is the local Harlequin) following on from Tizan la pèr Bébet. Light entertainment shows in Creole were very popular with schools, outdoor centres, and remote towns. Along with rich Grobourbon a new character appeared, prototype of a poor white person from Reunion’s mountains : Houaret, contraction of Hoareau and Payet, common family names in Reunion. He was seen, as a more complex character, in Marie Dessembre. Pierre-Louis Rivière rewrote the play with a new stage design by in anticipation of a tour to mainland France in March 1983. The company stopped doing mask theatre, including for children, so Noella and her mother Justine who kept the surname Houaret later replaced these popular characters.

The play

Ti Zan and Mascarin help Toinette arrange a secret marriage between Mr. Houaret and his mistress Miss Flore, daughter of Mr. Grobourbon.

what the press think

"Once again we meet the character of Mascarin who’d already appeared in the play Marie Dessembre. Finding inspiration in popular theatre and farce, the actors make much of their masks and grimaces "
[Le Journal de l’Île de La Réunion]

"The company is not lacking in imagination. ’Le mariage de Mascarin’ is a great success"
S.P. [Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper]

"The actors will remember for a long time to come the children of the Pépinières school who, not wanting to see them leave, chased Vollard theatre’s bus"
[Coup d’oeil / Saint Quentin en Yvelines]

press articles

PDF - 774.9 kb
Le Quotidien (SP), Masc, sept 1982
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JIR, Mar Masc, sept 1982
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JIR Dim (GR), Masc, 1981
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Clin d’oeil, Masc jenv 1985


First performed on August 27th, 1982 in Saint Denis, performances around the island. On tour in mainland France at Saint-Quentin en Yvelines. 50 performances, 7 500 total audience.


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