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1986 - Seven in one blow, fourteen injured

Piere-Louis Rivière / Rachel Pothin

First performed on June 27th 1986 at Saint-Denis. Written and directed by : Pierre-Louis Rivière and Rachel Pothin.

Creole version of "the little cobbler" a French fairytale probably brought to the island by the first settlers. This was Pierre-Louis Rivière’s second play, following Chasseur de Tangues the previous year. The progress is considerable, including the staging and it was a forerunner to Garson, which was theatre for the general public with an original storyline. Arnaud Dormeuil played the leading role; he practically ensured alone the success of Vollard’s children’s shows with our younger admirers. Was it because Arnaud was short, funny and fragile that children identified with him instantly ? It was only to be later (with Séga Tremblad in 1999) that at Vollard Arnaud was to hold a dramatic role in a production for the general public.

The play

Julot takes life as it comes, and spends his time catching flies. But for the love of a princess he’s going to challenge Gran Diab !

Vidéo Tyé set bless sept 1986 Grand marché de Saint Denis - durée 2 mn -

what the press think

"’Tyé set bless quatorz’ is not an exception to the Vollard tradition, here starts rhythmic, mixed, lively theatre."
Nathalie Legros [Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

"Vollard theatre has taken its inspiration from the Roi Caf version of the "little tailor" to re-write a dramatic dialogue in the same vein as Chasseur de Tangues"
Pascale David [Témoignages newspaper]


  • Julot : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • The King, Gran Diab : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • The king’s daughter : Rachel Pothin
  • The tree : Nicole Angama



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