1990, 1992

1990 - Mme Debassyns' trunk

Pierre-Louis Rivière

First performed (open air) on July 14th 1990 at the Villele museum, Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts. Writer and director : Pierre-Louis Rivière.

Writer and director : Pierre-Louis Rivière. Pierre-Louis Rivière, himself a descendant of Madame Debassyns, was very keen to tackle the subject, and not only because it was a commission from the Villèle museum, the place where she had actually lived. Mythical figure of the island just before slavery was abolished, is she a an enterprising businesswoman (a woman boss !), and the "second providence" of the Church and her white contemporaries, or rather the infamous and cruel slave-owner, condemned to eternally roam the hell fires of the volcano ?

The play

From a trunk forgotten in an attic appear the ghosts of a two-faced Madame Debassyns.

what the press think

"A short show from Vollard, written by Pierre-Louis Rivière, which presented the two sides of this "mysterious" person in front of an audience of fascinated children. What is the point of tales ? To redress the balance of an oppressive real life"
Pascale David [Témoignages newspaper]

press article

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Temoignages (P.David) Malle Debassyns juillet 1990


First performed (open air) July 14th 1990 at the Villele museum, Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts, performed again on October 30th 1992 for the Creole week. 4 performances, 1 800 total audience.


  • Madame Debassyns : Rachel Pothin
  • A servant : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Zéline : Délixia Perrine
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