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1993 - Noëlla

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on November 5th 1993 at Jeumon, Saint Denis.

Written and directed by :Emmanuel Genvrin. Plagued by financial problems we produced this show about household debt within several weeks, and it was destined to be very successful including in mainland France. The financial problems that we had were due to the delay in Pierre-Louis Rivière’s production of Emeutes. The Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) were waiting for their chance, and they took this delay as a pretext to strike us off the register. The theatre advisor would never recognise Noella’s success. Even though the character of this little girl - well acted by Nicole Payet - became very popular and was the object of a second play, José. Antenne Réunion also filmed the play performed live at Jeumon.

The play

Noëlla saves her mother from the bailiffs thanks to saint Nicolas and a courageous expedition to the volcano to see Grandma Kal.

video Noella - Jeumon 1995 - durée 2 mn -

what the press think

"Reality, everyday life, imagination, good actors, all the ingredients are there"
[le Réunionnais]

"In a very amusing manner, with remarkable talent, Rachel Pothin, Sophie Boulay and Nicole Payet denounce today’s consumer society"
Renée-Michèle Lezava [Télé 7 Jours Réunion]

"A show that, thanks to Grandma Kal, is never too childish"
François Gillet [Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

press articles

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Le Reunionnais Junior, Noella 1993
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JIR (X.Filliol), Noella, dec 1993
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Le Quotidien (F.gillet), Noella, dec 1993
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tele 7j (AM.Lezava) dec 1993
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Le Quotidien, Noella, aout 1994
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Le Reunionnais (A.B.) Noella, dec 1993
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Le Reunionnais (RM.Crescence) Noella, aout 1994
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Temoignages (H.J.) Noella, aout 1994


First performed on November 5th 1993 at Jeumon and on tour regularly around the island until 1997, the show was filmed by the TV channel Antenne Réunion and broadcast by them in December 1995. It was translated into French for 3 performances at the Douai Météores Festival in April 1999. In total 46 performances, in front of 7 000 young audience members


  • Noëlla : Nicole Payet
  • Justine Hoaret, Grandma Kal : Rachel Pothin, Délixia Perrine
  • The Bailiff, Saint Nicolas : Emmanuel Genvrin, Sophie Boulay



  • Sabina Asgarally
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