1995 - José

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on October 25th 1995 at Jeumon, Saint Denis.

Written and directed by :Emmanuel Genvrin. A sequel to the first Noella written for the Marmay Jeumon Festival organised by the company. An extremely funny Arnaud Dormeuil in situations that were popular, funny and typically Reunionese. A children’s show that was on an adult level as well ! The Noella series could have continued, but future horizons were threatening and we didn’t want to take refuge or specialise in these economical, social shows. We decided to stop them.

The play

Noella frees her mother by making Grandma Kal fall in love with her tyrannical stepfather.

Vidéo José - Jeumon, 25 octobre 1995 - durée 1 mn -


First performed on October 25th 1995 at Jeumon, on tour around the island in 1996 and 1997. 23 performances, 3 500 total audience.

what the press think

"José, three quarters of an hour of originality and an outstanding performance. Bravo to the trio Nicole Payet, Arnaud Dormeuil, Rachel Pothin !"
Rose-May Crescence [Le Réunionnais]

"With a good dose of humour, Vollard decides to avoid sentimental stories"
Thierry Barra [Le Quotidien de La Réunion]


  • Noëlla : Nicole Payet, Yaëlle Trulès
  • José : Arnaud Dormeuil, Didier Ker Grain
  • Justine Hoaret, Gran Mèr Kal : Rachel Pothin, Délixia Perrine



  • Sabina Asgarally
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