1995 - Marmay Jeumon

First performed October 25th-November 4th 1995 at Jeumon, Saint Denis.

A festival of 14 events for children at Jeumon. An inauguration in pomp, the production "José", shows and activities, a comic strip exhibition, a video space, and an all-purpose ticket to pay less. In the middle of turmoil with the authorities we were unable - like each time we created a festival (4 in total) - to continue something that was nevertheless a success. The following year, as if by chance, the Departemental Culture Service (ODC) took up the idea of a children’s festival during the school holidays. Including the title, very similar to our own. As usual the "institutional" clone was a failure and wasn’t renewed the following year.

Vidéo - Marmay Jeumon - octobre 1995 - durée 2 mn -

press articles

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Le Reunionnais, Marmay octo 1995
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JIR, Marmay, octo 1995
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7Mag (B.Sorbier) Mar Jeu, octo 1995
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Le Réunionnais, Marmay, nov 1995
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