1979, 1980

1979 - King Ubu

Alfred Jarry / Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on December 8th 1979 at Le Tampon theatre. Text : Alfred Jarry. Adapted and directed by : Emmanuel Genvrin

L'affiche "I tropicalised Ubu Roi (King Ubu) with masks, a jute rice-sack decor, a treasure in CFA francs and I rewrote the last act. Jean-Luc Trulès played percussion, and for his first ever role he walked across the stage holding some signs. I played Ubu myself. There was also Alain Joron who founded the Basse-Terre cultural movement, Brigitte Pla qui founded the Source-Vive Theatre before becoming chairwoman of the Cyclone Theatre, Alain Bled, journalist and radio presenter, Guy Siew, future boss of the Sypmer, Claude Pitou, a driving-school instructor … Ubu Roi was the first play performed on the stage of the Tampon theatre. During our first "coup de theatre" on May 3rd 1980, Ubu and his minions invested the streets of Saint Denis !" Genvrin]

The play

Papa Ubu takes power in Poland, that is to say "nowhere" and becomes a tyrant. Banished, he takes refuge on Reunion Island, the island where "the masks reign".

programs 1979

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Extrait vidéo Ubu Roi - juillet 1980 - Théâtre du Tampon - durée 3 mn -

what the press think

"The Vollard company has managed a ’tour de force’ by asserting itself with its first play. A Ubuesque frenzy is the only real compliment that we can give to describe the actors’ acting."
[Le Journal de l’île de La Réunion]

"Jarry in Reunion, what we’ve been waiting for ! It’s not the ashes being returned (editor’s note : allusion to the return of Leconte de Lisle’s ashes to Reunion Island), no it’s an Allied landing of fireworks ! (allusion to the Liberation of Reunion Island in 1942)"
Alain Gili [Le Quotidien]

press articles

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Le Quotidien (A.Bled) juillet 1979
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Le Quotidien (J.J. Nicolette), avril 1980
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Le Quotidien (C.Millot), dec 1979
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Class Light (R.Gironcel) 1980
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JIR 22 avril 1980
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JIR dec 1979
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Le Quotidien (A.Gili), dec 1979


First performed on December 8th 1979 at the Le Tampon theatre. 12 performances at Le Tampon, Saint Pierre, Saint Denis in 1980 in front of a total audience of 3500.


  • Ubu : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Mama Ubu : Fabienne de Iuliis
  • Rosemonde : Dominique Attali
  • Wenceslas : Claude Pitou
  • Bougrelas : Jean-Luc Trulès, Valérie Delalande, Graziella Donze
  • Bordure : Alain Joron
  • Minions : Alain Bled, Alfred Lapra, Brigitte Pla, Marie-Hélène Pla, Jean-Pierre Hoareau, Raymond Guien, Jean-Yves Hamilcaro. Percussionists : Latrille family, Jean-Luc Trulès, Jean-Yves Hamilcaro.



  • The actors, Myriam Baum, Colette Pounia, S.Nauche


  • Emmanuel Genvrin


  • Guy Siew and Edmond Barret.
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