1983, 1984

1983 - The Triumph of Love

Marivaux / Pierre-Louis Rivière

First performed on November 18th 1983 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. Playwright : Marivaux - Director and stage designer Pierre-Louis Rivière

"For his first stage design Pierre-Louis recreated a Versailles garden, with a Watteau reproduction as a backdrop, and a simple bench. Besides the scenery, he took great care with costume making, particularly that of Harlequin, played with talent by Sham’s. With this play Vollard Theatre performed for the first time in Mauritius and Madagascar." [E.Genvrin]

The play

In order to come into contact with her loved one Agis, Léonide disguises herself as a student. ’He’ seduces the philosopher Hermocrate and his sister Léontine when Harlequin discovers ’his’ stratagem.

Vidéo Triomphe de l amour - 1984 - Grand Marché Saint Denis - 2 mn -

what the press think

« Pierre-Louis Rivière est aussi visiblement un metteur en scène très doué. Il aime Marivaux et a voulu nous le faire aimer »
Caroline Cazanave [Contacts]

"Pierre-Louis Rivière is obviously also a very talented director. He appreciates Marivaux and wants to make us appreciate him too"
Caroline Cazanave [Contacts]

"Arnaud Dormeuil’s talent already shines through, as the gardener Dimas, a hilarious character who deservedly gets applause from an unanimous public."

 Marine [Le Quotidien]

"Marivaux is well served ! One can only hope that this experiment with classical theatre will give the Vollard company the foundation that they deserve."
C.O. [Temoignages]

"Arnaud Dormeuil (the gardener), Bénali Chamsiddine (Harlequin) are two truculent characters accentuated by sober acting of a certain extravagance, emphasized by an avalanche of words that also caper about»

Thierry Leproux [Le Journal de l’Île]

The several hundred audience members who came to the performance had their money’s worth : they left overjoyed."

[Midi Madagasikara]

press articles

PDF - 1.2 Mb
Contact (C.Cazanave), nov 1983
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Midi Madagaskara, mai 1984
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Le Quotidien (Marine), nov 1983
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JIR (T.Leprou), dec 1983
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Tele7 (A.Weber), dec 1983
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Temoignages, dec 1983


First performed on November 18th 1983 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis, many school performances. On tour in the Indian Ocean, in Mauritius and Madagascar in 1984. 33 performances, total audience : 7 000.


  • Léonide : Nathalie Manciet
  • Harlequin : Sham’s
  • Léontine : Frédérique Cheynet
  • Hermocrate : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Corinne : Rachel Pothin
  • Dimas : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Agis : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Musicians : Éric Sida, Paul Mazaka



  • Hélène Corré, ateliers de Village-Titan.
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