1985, 1986

1985 - The Flying Doctor

Molière / Pierre-Louis Rivière

First performed on April 16th 1985 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. Director and stage designer Pierre-Louis Rivière Music : Gérard Vidal Costumes : Marie-Annick Petton and Françoise Postaire

"Thanks to its lightweight stage design this show was destined for the schools and remote areas of Reunion Island. It was played all over the island, often in the open air. Arnaud Dormeuil was undoubtedly the star of the show, performing for the first time in French ! " [E.Genvrin]

The play

To deceive Gorgibus, her father, and meet with her betrothed, Valère, Lucile pretends to fall ill. The valet Sganarelle disguises himself as a doctor.

Video Medecin Volant - Grand Marche de Saint Denis - avril 1983 - durée 1 mn -

what the press think

"In the role of Sganarelle, which seems to have been tailor made for him, Arnaud Dormeuil, truer than life, gives free reign to his talent and mischievousness »
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper]

He’s been here, he’ll be back ! Running, jumping, going out one side, coming in the other, going through the windows. Even the set wants to move !"
BC [Témoignages]

press articles

PDF - 288.4 kb
Temoignages (B.Croisier), avril 1985
PDF - 422.5 kb
JIR (Marine), avril 1985
PDF - 325.7 kb
Le Quotidien, avril 1985
PDF - 366.5 kb
JIR, aout 1985


First performed on April 16th 1985 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis, performed all over the island. Performed again in 1986 at Le Tampon theatre. 56 performances, total audience 12 000.


  • Valère : Chamsiddine Benali (Sham’s)
  • Lucile : Augustine Touzet
  • Sganarelle : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Sabine : Rachel Pothin
  • Gorgibus : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Lawyer, Gros-René : Emmanuel Genvrin



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