1986 - The Barber of Séville

Beaumarchais / Henri Segelstein

First performed November 18th 1986 at the Grand Marché theatre in Saint-Denis. Playwright : Beaumarchais - Director : Henri Segelstein Music : Arnaud Dormeuil - Sets : Hélène Corré - Costumes : Hélène Corré and Rachel Pothin

« A trendy Almaviva, a fashionable Rosine … thanks to Henri Segelstein, Beaumarchais’ play hasn’t aged, it’s stylish ! We had great pleasure in acting and appropriating this play, a real masterpiece with its famous "Air de la calomnie" ! The school pupils that came for school performances could identify with it. The actors, Gilles Lauret, Rachel Pothin, looked like them. Maxime Laope, the famous sega musician played the role of "Youthful" and trod the boards for the first time ever » [E. Genvrin]

The play

The count Almaviva, helped by his valet Figaro, weds the young and beautiful Rosine despite her miserly and jealous guardian Dr Bartholo.


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Vidéo Barbier nov 1986 Grand Marché St Denis - durée 3 mn -

what the press think

"Brought up to date, and to current tastes with a sort of carefreeness, the plot has been simplified and hearts have been cleared. The style is sweet, the tone is rock’n’roll »
VL [Télé 7 Jours magazine]

« Emmanuel Genvrin is a very "cool" and efficient Figaro who acts with the right tone from start to finish of the play. The devil dressed as a woman, Rachel Pothin plays a marvellous, very vampish Rosine. As for Arnaud Dormeuil, he’s irresistible… " »

Marine [Le Journal de l’île]

"Henri Segelstein didn’t hold back on the actor’s acting, encouraging them to surpass themselves, and giving them roles to which they weren’t used to."

Nathalie Legros [Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

"Staging a classic these days is not exhuming a fossil, it’s emphasising the natural, lively - and in Beaumarchais’ case - irresistibly funny, and sometime cruel, side of the play. It’s what Vollard has done and that’s worth seeing it for."

Pascale David [Temoignages]

press articles

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Temoignages (Pascale David) nov 1986
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Le Quotidien (N.Legros), nov 1986
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JIR Loisirs (Marine) nov 1986
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JIR nov 1986
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Le Quotidien (N.Legros), nov 1986
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Tele 7 jours (V.L.) nov 1986
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Temoignages (P.David) nov 1986


First performed on November 18th 1986 at the Grand Marché theatre at Saint Denis, revived in 1987 for many school performances. 21 performances, total audience 11 500.


  • Figaro : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Rosine : Rachel Pothin
  • Bartholo : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Don Bazile : Gilles Lauret
  • Almaviva : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • And Nicole Leichnig,, Nicole Angama,, Maxime Laope, Alain Mariapin, Thierry Brière, Gilles Gallien.



  • Hélène Corré, Pascal Rebout, Pierre-Louis Rivière, Rémy Chopinet, Jacques Delors


  • Pascal Rebout.
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