1990, 1991

1990 - Amphitryon

Molière, Henri Segelstein

First performed on March 2nd 1990 at the Cinérama, La Possession. Directed by Henri Segelstein Scenery : Emmanuel Cambou- Music : Jean-Luc Trulès

Henri Segelstein’s Amphitryon was performed in modern costume, like the Barber of Seville. The action took place in the middle of the desert (Gulf War ?). Emmanuel Genvrin and Arnaud Dormeuil made a delightful couple.

The play

At Thebes Jupiter stirs up a revolt. While General Amphitryon leaves to quell it, Jupiter borrows his appearance and seduces his young wife Alcmene.


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Vidéo Amphitryon Cinérama de La Possession 1988 - durée 2 mn -

what the press think

"A stage that’s almost bare. Stage right, some sort of house which looks like a cross between an Incan temple and a blockhaus. In a hammock hanging from the flies, Night swings and multiplies its favours; in the skies Mercury strikes poses"
Micheline Servin [Les Temps Modernes]

Mercury is well-built, full of himself, sure of his power, like one of those government lackeys that Emmanuel Genvrin knows so well »
[Témoignages newspaper]

"The cast assembled by Henri Segelstein and the contemporary touch given to the staging make this Amphitryon as good as the Plaza’s best productions »

Judex Acking [Le Mauricien]

"Actors everywhere at once, with the same elegant acting as "Etuves" and "l’Esclavage des Nègres" performed in 1989 at the Citadelle. But here, in Molière’s Amphitryon, a theatrical comedy of undeniable efficiency, their engagement seems even more free and voluntary »

Percy Kamanah [Week-end - Maurice -]

"Henri Segelstein had opted for "humanist" theatre. Aside from a historical criticism, we want to remember the admirable complicity of Sosie and Mercury and the perfect acting of Alcmène, tragic and fragile in the hands of the gods. »

J.C. Théodore [L’Express - Maurice

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First produced on March 2nd 1990 at the Cinérama at La Possession, performances at Saint-Denis, Le Tampon, and at the Rose Hill Plaza (Mauritius) in 1991. 41 performances, total audience : 11 500.


  • Mercury : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Cléanthis : Rachel Pothin
  • Sosie : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Jupiter : Dominique Carrère
  • Alcmene : Nicole Leichnig
  • Amphitryon : Jean-Pierre Boucher
  • And Jean-Luc Trulès,, Pierre-Louis Rivière,, Térésa Small, Emmanuel Cambou,, Richemond Gilas,, Éric Pigeard.



  • Daniel Benazech, Richemond Gilas, Pascal Trulès, Hélène Corré, François Carrage.


  • Térésa Small, Scholastique Dormeuil.
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