affiche de Nina (1993)

1982, 1983, 1984, 1987, 1993

1982 - Nina Segamour

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on December 10th 1982 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin Music : Jean-Luc Trulès Sets : Joël Boyer, Pierre-Louis Rivière and Hélène Corré

affiche de Nina (1993)"After the "finer feelings" of Marie Dessembre, I wanted to show Reunionese failings, the love of appearances, cars, gossip, easy money ... I presented unpleasant characters but, as the performance progresses, César, the rejected lover, becomes touching. And Nina was so attractive ! Thanks to some classic scenes (hitch-hiking, the gossips) and interactive parts (the general assembly, the dance) success was immediate. The set was that of the Metropole Hotel which was similar to the former Hôtel d’Europe in Saint-Denis with its large orchestra les Créol’s, of which Tropicadéro still play the ségas : Batay-batay, séga Lespor, César le Rhum, Gro zozo… " [E. Genvrin.]

The play

The young Creole woman Nina is sixteen when she becomes Miss Bourbon 1940. She goes to Paris and sees it under German occupation. Back in Reunion she participates in Vichy government propaganda. The arrival of the Léopard (Free French destroyer) drives her again to mainland France where a distant fiancé finds and kills her.


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Vidéo Nina Segamour Grand Marché 1982, Elancourt oct 1984 - durée 4 mn -

what the press think

"The dominating values on which colonial society was based are pulverised from the inside."
[Témoignages newspaper]

"Who is Emmanuel Genvrin making fun of ? The village gossips are obese, malicious and whining Creoles."
SP [Le Journal de l’île de La Réunion]

"Warm, colourful, full of life".
[La Marseillaise]

"A new show by the Vollard company is now an eagerly expected event. Nina Ségamour is a real dramatic celebration."
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper]

press articles

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Temoignages (P.David), dec 1982, Nina Segamour
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La Marseillaise août 1983 Nina Ségamour
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Art Quivi (Louis Laope), dec 1982, itv E.Genvrin (Nina)
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Le Provençal août 1983 Nina Ségamour
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Le Provençal juillet 1983 Nina Ségamour
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Courrier de Mantes nov 1984 Nina Ségamour
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Ici Là-bas nov 1984 Nina Segamour
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Courrier de Mantes, octo 1984, itv E.Genvrin (Nina Segamour) (2)
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Le Populaire du Centre octo 1984 Nina Ségamour
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L’Echo du Centre (Chartres) nov 1984 Nina Ségamour
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Le Populaire du Centre St Yriex octo 1984 Nina Ségamour
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La Nouvelle République (Châtellerault), octo 1984
PDF - 842.4 kb
Paris Mantes nov 1984 Nina Ségamour


First performed on December 10th 1982 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis and revived in August 1983, the show benefited from national assistance for dramatic creation. On tour around Reunion. Performed in 1983 at the Festival des îles in Marseilles, and at the 8th ’Festival populaire’ of Martigues, it was revived in 1984 at Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Chatelleraut, Limoges (Francophonies Festival), Eymoutier, Saint-Yriex, Felletin, Mantes-la-Jolie, Chartres, Cassan, Montpellier. The show was revived in 1987 at the Grand Marché, and in 1993 at Jeumon. 93 performances, 25 000 total audience.


  • Nina Ségamour : Nicole Leichnig
  • César : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Fanette : Rachel Pothin, Nathalie Manciet, Nicole Payet
  • Gossips : Frédérique Cheynet, Nicole Dambreville, Sarah Dirrig, Scholastique Dormeuil, Corinne Giraud, Françoise Jean-Jacques, Rachel Pothin, Claudine Saminadin, Délixia Perrine
  • Cocktail : Augustine Touzet, Nicole Angama, Marie-Alice Lauret Sinaman
  • Frazier : Gilles Lauret, Olivier Mayolle, Jean-Pierre Boucher, Marc Dubreuil
  • Séga : Serge Dafreville, Jean-Luc Trulès, Chamsiddine Benali (Sham’s)
  • Morand : Jean-Paul Sarytre, Emmanuel Genvrin
  • And : Jean François Begue, Sophie Boulay, Isabelle Brousses, Arnaud Dormeuil,, Marie-Hélène Dormeuil, Marie Madeleine Laichalamba, Thierry Madeleine, Lydia Mangaye, Denis Marguerite, Daniel Roux, Michou Roux, Madeleine Sitalaprésad, Jean-Louis Trulès, Georges Marie Vailom, Ti-Kok Vellaye, Gérard Vidal, Olivier Mayolle



  • Joël Boyer et l’équipe du Crac, Jean-Marc Florimond, Frank Lyda, Philippe Clavié, Hélène Corré, Grégoire Loiyau, Pierre-Louis Rivière.


  • Marie-Hélène Dormeuil, Madeleine Sitalaprésad, Huguette Quipandédié, atelier Alain Serge.


  • Boby Antoir, Pascal Rebout.
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