1985, 1986

1985 - Colandie

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on November 15th 1985 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin - Music : Jean-Luc Trulès Sets : Boby Antoir, Pierre-Louis Rivière, Hélène Corré and Déborah Roubane

"I’d met a woman in mainland France who was a former resident of the APECA, an institution in Reunion for "guilty and abandoned" children. She had been taken to mainland France by force and bound to a bedridden invalid. She had become alcoholic and remembered that on Reunion a professional torturer beat the children with a chabouk (whip), and that there were two kitchens, one for the Creoles and one for the (mainland) French nuns. The place was run like a penal colony, at 1500 metres altitude, at La Plaine des Cafres. Later, on La Reunion, I worked at the APECA. » [E.Genvrin]

The play

In the ruins of a sugar factory a group meets, "Duty’s Companions" or the "Pretty-Soldiers" because they wear soldiers’ cast-offs or civil servants’ uniforms. One of them, Colandie, has fled an orphanage and wants to meet colonel Augustus, her epistolary love.


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Vidéo Colandie 1985 Beaubourg et Grand Marché St Denis - durée 5 mn -

what the press think

« Emmanuel Genvrin a visé juste : son intelligence du fait créole et l’énergie de ses amis lui assurent un succès que la prestation de Beaubourg n’a fait que confirmer »
[Qui Vive International]

"Emmanuel Genvrin has not missed the mark : his understanding of Creole events and his friends’ energy ensure a success that the Beaubourg performance can only confirm."
[Qui Vive International]

"An imagination that here meets the hardest realities.»

"Full of traces of yesteryear’s French militarism, colonialism and racism, Colandie, a play which scrapes away at our basic beliefs, makes us hanker for a third act."
Alain Gili [Témoignages]

"Less humorous, this new show moves us for it sometimes approaches tragedy, or in any case lyricism."

[Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

"Bridging the gap between dream and reality, between island and mainland, between drama and comedy, Emmanuel Genvrin leads us into the rhythm of the seasons in a dream-like world. With "Colandie" he inaugurates a new vein which brings a poetic dimension to his repertoire."
Marine [Journal de l’île]

"We enter without hesitating into a universe which had been taboo in Reunion until now - that of marriages by correspondence "
Albert Weber [in L’émigration réunionnaise en France, l’Harmattan, 1994.]

The theme of immigration is treated powerfully through imagination, with a touch of gaiety and tenderness."
Alain Aumis [France Antilles]

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Télé7 mai 1986 Colandie
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Qui -Vive International 1986 Colandie
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France Antilles 1986 Colandie


First performed on November 15th 1985 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. Performed in 1986 at Saint Pierre and at the Champ Fleuri theatre, in Martinique and Guadeloupe during the Caribbean Theatre Meetings. At Paris from May 7-10th at the Georges Pompidou centre invited by the International French Language Theatre, at Pézenas. 35 performances, 4300 total audience.


  • Colandie : Nicole Angama
  • Augustus : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Angéli : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Petite Lune : Nicole Leichnig
  • And Arnaud Dormeuil,, Rachel Pothin,, Jean-Luc Trulès,, Gérard Vidal.



  • Boby Antoir, ateliers de la mairie de Saint-Denis.


  • Hélène Corré, Déborah Roubane
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