1986 - Les Flamboyants

Emmanuel Genvrin

December 23rd 1986, 2 pilot episodes of a local TV series, first shown during the Nodules Night at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. TV series screenplay : Emmanuel Genvrin Director : Éric Olivier

"It was at the beginning of Reunion’s own television channel, and there was no limit to what we could hope for. Camille Sudre was launching Télé-Freedom, "local" advertising was being invented, the departemental council created a television studio, and many people were buying televisions. We’d participated in the first televised advertisement in Creole : "Voisins i veille anou" (’Our neighbours are watching us’), which was extremely successful. Then we started with local fiction. I wrote a series, Les Flamboyants, about the tribulations of a group of young cool Reunionese. We shot two episodes with the production company Rivic : ’Kari-Poulé’ and ’La Comète’. In the episodes you could see the ’Le Circus’ nightclub, "Marcel ", Lolo Kichenin, Thierry Jardinot… Like a lot of people, we couldn’t find a producer. We also participated in the Jean-Marc Desrosiers’ film "Les Blancs des Hauts", which was broadcast on the French TV channel FR3 and awarded prizes in mainland France. » [E. Genvrin]

The screenplay

The Flamboyants are the four tenants of a picturesque Creole villa with a view over a tropical town. Of different origins, there’s Debbie, journalist at the Etoile de la Réunion newspaper; her boyfriend Max, new age artist-painter and teacher in a junior high school (his car, a brightly painted Mehari is known all over the island), Carlos is the star photographer of the Etoile newspaper, and his sister Miracle, a young social worker. They’re young, lively, and full of fun. They have lots of adventures ...

Extrait vidéo - Les Flamboyants 1986 - durée 5 mn -
Extrait vidéo - Thierry Jardinot dans "Les Flamboyants"


First shown December 23rd 1986 at the Grand Marché at Saint Denis.


  • Arnaud Dormeuil (Carlos),
  • Axel Kichenin (Félicie Bichique),
  • Emmanuel Cambou (Max),
  • Micheline Yun Chane (Yin),
  • Sophie Rollo (Joséphine),
  • Emmanuel Genvrin (Texas),
  • Rachel Pothin (Debbie),
  • Huguette Amounie (Expédite),
  • Nicole Angama (Miracle),
  • and et Dominique Carrère, Christian Ritter, Patrice Cantina, Yvon Chan Kui, Frédérique Cheynet, Éric Mazuy, Michel Brès, Gilles Lauret, Nicolette Zitte,Thierry Jardinot, Josette Bertrand, Nathalie Rivière, Corinne Giraud, Maryse Lauret, Thierry Brière, Marc Dubreuil, Pierre-Louis Rivière Dominique Deshayes, Patrice Huguet (Baguet’), Ketty Sabadel, Joël sabadel, Frédérique Sabadel, Hélène Corré, Olivier Quintar, Murielle Quintar, Ulysse Rivière, Joachim Rivière, Roxana Viama, Marcel Coupama, Bernard Gonthier, Thierry Madeleine, Bebe Fong-Kiwok, Nicole Leichnig, Louis Lahope, Hélène Caubet, Michel Caubet, Luçay Festin, Serge Dafreville and the group Bouge Coco. Crew TECHNICIANS
  • Pascal Rebout,
  • Jean-Paul Ilaha,
  • Christian Tangapriganin,
  • Vincent Hure,
  • Sadjedda Hure.
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