1987 - Garson

Pierre-Louis Rivière

First performed on November 20th 1987 at the Cinérama, La Possession. Written, directed and stage design by Pierre-Louis Rivière Set : Laurent Segelstein - Costumes : Rachel Pothin

First part of a trilogy including Carousel and Émeutes, Garson has identifiable components : precise language work, meticulous stage design and the strange and stifling atmosphere of private traumas, of guilt and powerlessness to live. At the Cinérama - transformed into the Grand Marché although the company had just been evicted from it - Pierre-Louis conquered a small circle of faithful theatregoers.

The play

Garson is the imaginary story of the Grand-Bazar with its stallholders, its tramps, and its former big shots who used to have municipal protection. Reunion island’s Creoles have hung onto a "cow-boy" mentality : bare foot, fighting spirit, with a hat but without a horse.

vidéo Garson - Cinérama de La Possession 1987 - durée 1 mn -

what the press think

"Beggars headquarters and poetry, Pierre-Louis Rivière has created here an intense piece of work, full of restrained emotion".
Pascale David [Témoignages newspaper]

"What a success this production of a new text, a new atmosphere in this old cinema, the Cinérama. "Garson" takes us by the hand and manages to recreate the presence of a town with its punks, pimps, whores and misfits. Serge Dafreville, well directed and does a creditable performance. Dominique Carrère, big and muscular, asserts the cowboy he plays so well, Rachel and the two Nicoles are marvellous, especially Rachel Pothin who sings a realist song which recalls Pabst’s Lulu."
Alain Gili [Visu]

"Garson, or the Grand Marché blues. Evidently the years spend in this picturesque place have marked them all, especially Pierre-Louis Rivière : the praise for this production should definitely go to him. »
Marine [Le Journal de l’île de La Réunion]

"By giving the Reunionese the Grand Marché ’posse’ as language teachers, Pierre-Louis Rivière has escaped the trap of scholarly languages and taken a step towards decolonising the Creole language."

press articles

PDF - 1020.6 kb
Visu (Alain Gili), dec 1987
PDF - 2.2 Mb
Visu, Garson-Lune Rouge, dec 1987
PDF - 465.9 kb
JIR (Marine), nov 1987
PDF - 1.5 Mb
Le Quotidien (N.Legros), nov 1987
PDF - 394.5 kb
Temoignages (P.David), nov1987
PDF - 1.3 Mb
Temoignages (E.Roux), dec 1987
PDF - 1.5 Mb
Le Quotidien (Nat.Legros), nov 1987
PDF - 651.7 kb
Visu (A.Gili) dec 1987


First performed on November 20th 1987 at the Cinérama, La Possession; performances extended. 16 performances, of which 7 for schools, 2500 total audience.


  • Garson : Serge Dafreville
  • Suzy : Rachel Pothin
  • La Reine : Délixia Perrine
  • Leroy : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Rita : Nicole Leichnig
  • Janet : Nicole Angama
  • Joni : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Tirouz : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Moïse : Dominique Carrère



  • Jean-Marc Florimond
  • Jean-Pierre Sartor.


  • Jean-Marc Florimond.
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