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1987, 1988

1987 - Run Rock

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on June 5th 1987 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin Music : Jean-Luc Trulès Sets : Laurent Segelstein - Costumes : Rachel Pothin and Alain Serge - Choreography : Yao

affiche de Run Rock"I’d finished writing in January 1987, a few weeks before the launch of a petition to keep Vollard theatre at the Grand Marché. We were literally under pressure, we’d "occupied" the theatre during rehearsals and the permission to perform only arrived the day before the first performance ! I wanted to describe the behaviour of people from Reunion in Africa, New Caledonia, and especially Madagascar where an agricultural settlement experience had come to a bad end. Baguette (2m10 tall) performed next to Arnaud Dormeuil (1m40 tall), Laurent Segelstein painted the sets and Jean-Luc Trulès composed a rock score, of which extracts are still part of Tropicadéro’s repertoire today. This style of performance was too dependent on the running of a company. After 1987 the permanent actors became freelance contractors and this allowed us to extend the cast." [E .Genvrin]

The play

En 2050, un volcan surgit au sud de l’océan Indien. Le site est interdit par la gendarmerie mais un premier groupe, autour du rasta Cimarron, réussit à s’établir, bientôt rejoint par une famille de colons, les Payen.


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Vidéo Run Rock, Grand Marché 1987, Pointe à Pitre 1988 - durée 5 mn -

what the press think

"Run Rock, the story of a company who, in spite of the turmoil that is to come, think above all about their public’s pleasure."
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper]

"It’s such a pleasure to see, it’s so comic, full of veiled allusions. Run Rock is first and foremost delightful and full of cheek; the delight of a group in perfect harmony"
[Visu Hebdo]

"A joyful jape. There’s no time to be bored even for a second during this show which follows the tradition of theatre festivals which makes Vollard so original."

Marine [Journal de l’île]
"It’s without doubt the most comic work that Emmanuel Genvrin has written, and the whole company tries its hand joyfully at all-out satire."

Pascale David [Temoignages]
"Critical praise for Vollard theatre : the play is pleasant, amusing, full of rhythm and music, pretty girls and songs."
P.Chamoiseau [Antilla]

presse articles

PDF - 1 Mb
Le Quotidien (N.Legros), juin 1987, Run Rock
PDF - 1.3 Mb
JIR (Marine), juin 1987, Run Rock
PDF - 694.3 kb
Visu (A.Gili), juillet 1987, Run Rock
PDF - 1.2 Mb
Temoignages (P.David), juin 1987, Run Rock
PDF - 832.2 kb
La Vie Economique (Martinique), mai 1988, fanfare Run Rock
PDF - 779.6 kb
Visu (A.Gili), avril 1988, Run Rock


First performance, of twelve, on June 5th 1987 at the Grand Marché, Saint Denis; performed again in April 1988 at the Cinérama for a run of 12 shows, participation in the Caribbean Theatre Meetings in Martinique and Guadeloupe in May, at the Zigom in Grenoble in July. 28 performances, total audience 4 100.


  • Mélusine : Nicole Angama
  • Nelson : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Capitaine Raider : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Laloi : Dominique Carrère, Gilles Lauret
  • Parle-pa : Patrick Huguet, dit Baguet’
  • Ariane : Nicole Leichnig
  • Mimose : Rachel Pothin
  • Payen : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Cimaron : Jean-Luc Trulès



  • Laurent Segelstein, Antoine Duvignaux, Hélène Corré, Jacques Delors, Hervé Mazelin,, Jean-Marc Florimond.


  • Scholastique Dormeuil, Délixia Perrine,, atelier Alain Serge.


  • Hervé Mazelin.


  • Jean-Marc Florimond.
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