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1988 - Etuves

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on November 22nd 1988 at Cinérama, La Possession. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin Music : Jean-Luc Trulès and Christian Belhomme Set : Hervé Mazelin - Costumes : Sophie Hoareau The play was performed alternately with "L’Esclavage des Nègres" (Negro Slavery).

"Symbolically Etuves’ action takes place at the Grand Marché (like Pierre-Louis Rivière’s Garson), authentic theatre and colonial assembly during the French Revolution. The play tells the story of the birth of a mixed-race group. I’d employed Hervé Mazelin, who created for us the first of an exceptional series of stages sets : Lepervenche, Millenium, Carousel… Térésa Small, who came with him from mainland France, created costumes that also meant we improved our quality. A Republican celebration was being held in the gardens. For the first time at a Vollard theatre performance a kari could be eaten too. Etuves attracted a large crowd. Karine Techer, Augustine Touzet’s daughter, played Mirande. Later on, Yaëlle, Jean-Luc Trulès’s daughter, would also perform at Vollard. She was the same age as the company. » [E.Genvrin]

The play

On the island of Bourbon, in 1794, actors want to perform Olympe de Gouges’ "Negro Slavery", an anti-slavery drama that smacked of heresy. They rehearse at the "etuves" (steamrooms) which also house the colonial assembly. The black actors of Téat Zanzibar join them. But on the island the French Revolution comes to a sudden end, and the slaves aren’t freed.


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Vidéo Etuves Cinérama de La Possession 1988, Limoges 1989 - durée 5 mn -

what the press think

"An intelligent and very subtle show about ordinary racism in the colonies at the time of the French Revolution"
[Le Soir (Belgique)]

"Where are we ? On what stage ? A theatre stage ? That of history ?"
[Témoignages newspaper]

"Etuves is a delight for the mind and the senses. Vollard Theatre addresses our intelligence in order to arouse our emotions"

[Le Nouveau Militant, Mauritius]

Presse articles Réunion,

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JIR (Marine), nov 1988, Etuves
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Le Quotidien (N.Legros), dec 1988 (Etuves)
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Temoignages (A.Dissez), octo 1989, Etuves
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Tele7 (M.Hautman) 1989, Etuves
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Temoignages (P.David), octo 1989, Etuves
PDF - 1.2 Mb
Temoinages, dec 1988, portrait H.Mazelin (Etuves)
PDF - 1.4 Mb
Le Quotidien (N.Legros), mai 1989, itv E.Genvrin Etuves à N York
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JIR (M.Laustriat), mai 1989, itv E.Genvrin, Etuves à N York

presse articles métropolitan, Mauritius, International

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Week-End (A.Forget Maurice), juin 1989 (Etuves)
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Week-End Scope, juin 1989, Etuves
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Le Nouveau Militant (S.Patel, Maurice), juin 1989 (Etuves)
PDF - 1.4 Mb
Le Mauricien (G.Alexandre), juin 1989, Etuves
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L’Express-Maurice, juin 1989, animation de rue Port Louis
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L’Echo du Centre (J.Morlaud), octo 1989 (Etuves)
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L’Express-Maurice (R.Tsang Kwai Kew), itv E.Genvrin (Etuves)
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L’Echo du Centre (J.Morlaud), octo 1989 (Etuves)
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Centre France, octo 1989 (Etuves), suite
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Centre France, octo 1989 (Etuves)
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Chelsea Clinton News mai 1989 (Etuves, l’Esclavage)
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France Amérique avril 1989 (Etuves)


First performed on November 22nd 1988 at Cinérama, La Possession. Performed again at Cinérama, Sainte-Clotilde; at the Grand Marché, Saint-Denis in 1989; in June at the Port Louis Citadelle (Mauritius); in October at the Limoges Festival, and at Lyon, at the Cinérama and at the Botanique in Brussels in 1990. Layout by Charles Turner and music by Steven D. Bowen at the Ubu Repertory Theater of New York April 18th 1989. 52 performances, 12000 total audience.


  • Jean Baptiste : Dominique Carrère
  • Séraphin : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Jacmel : Emmanuel Cambou
  • Alexis : Jean-Pierre Boucher
  • Arlette : Rachel Pothin
  • Agnès : Nicole Leichnig
  • Justine : Sylvie Cadet, Geneviève Darroux, Sophie Boulay
  • Mirande : Karine Techer, Marilyne Jeanson
  • Achille : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Périclès : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Carème : Délixia Perrine
  • Désirée : Georgette Élise
  • Zaïre : Serge Dafreville
  • Villeneuve : Michel Carrère
  • And : Agnès Antoir, Daniel Benazech, Richemond Gilas,, Jean-Marc Florimond, Roger-Yves Elias, Emmanuel Genvrin,, Nicole Imiza, Laurent Segelstein, Térésa Small, Gérard Vidal, Sylvie Annette



  • Jean-Marc Florimond, |Richemond Gilas, Daniel Benazech, Francine Barreau, Patrick Lorin, Isabelle Benoit, Hélène Corré, Antoine Duvignaux, Laurent Segelstein


  • Scholastique Dormeuil, Huguette Quipandédié, Sylvie Cadet, Marilyne Boyer, Odette Langlois


  • Marie Lindjee Passée


  • Danyel Waro


  • Emmanuel Cambou.


  • Jean-Marc Florimond


  • Richemond Gilas
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