1990, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997

1990 - Lepervenche

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed (open air) on August 17th 1990 at the site of the former Grande Chaloupe train station. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin - Music : Jean-Luc Trulès - Stage design : Hervé Mazelin

"Lepervenche" accorded us our greatest theatrical joys. The undertaking was madness, having trains run again in Reunion, performing in the open air despite the sound and lighting drawbacks, putting on stage Paula Créso, a figure of Le Port who’d recently died, and Lépervenche whom the Reunionese Communist Party didn’t want to hear any more about. We would also have to say that the departmentalisation was due to the left, that the people of Le Port had freed themselves weapons in hand, that Alexis Villeneuve had been assassinated ... I’d been told that I’d never be able to do it, and that Paul Verges would put a spanner in the works for me ! In the end he came three times. Other witnesses came forward, an old railway man who in 1937 had made a banner saying "Réunion, département français" (Reunion, French departement), numerous friends of Lépervenche, the daughter of the doctor who’d cared for Gaétan, Paula’s old aunts … The hamlet of La Grande Chaloupe made the most of our being there, the inhabitants made meals for the theatre-goers, and the village orchestra played during the interval. One of the village teenagers, Nicole Payet, later became one of the company’s actresses.

The play

Story of Reunion’s trade union movement from 1937 to 1947 seen through the life of a communist aristocrat and romantic hero, Léon de Lepervenche, whose destiny crosses that of Maman-Paola, a madam at Le Port, and his political rival, Docteur-papa.


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Vidéo Lepervenche 1990/1997 Grande Chaloupe/Trappes - durée 5 mn -

what the press think

"Coming out of the tunnel, the railcar whistles and hoots. Once again the little train, back from the past, plays a starring role and takes the travellers for a six-kilometre trip. A journey to another time, that of other hopes"
Pascal Grassart [La Vie du Rail]

"Its theatre is undeniably popular, showing a time where people thought they could shape History, give it its stamp, its words, and its hopes."
Jean-Louis Perrier |Le Monde]

"There’s an attentive, captivated and happy public, which replaces any theatre reviews. People come, and come again as a family to see Lepervenche"
Danielle Dumas [L’Avant-Scène Théâtre]

"A crucial and unusual way to grasp the island’s history"
Chantal Aubry [La Croix]

national press articles 1990 - 1992

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L’avant Scène (D.Dumas) 1991 Lepervenche
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l’Humanité (Boué), nov 1991, Lepervenche
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Politis (Costaz), octo 1991, Lepervenche
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Autrement (M.Servin) 1991 Vollard-Leppervenche
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Les Temps Modernes (M.Servin) janv 1991,Lepervenche
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France-Culture (Ch Boiron), janv 1992, Lepervenche

national press articles 1996 - 1997

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Figaro (C.Jurgenson), octo 1996, Lepervenche
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L’Express (M.Lachaud), octo 1996, Lepervenche
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Le Monde (JL Perrier), juillet 1997, Lepervenche
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Le Parisien (Y.Gaeglé), juillet 1997, Lepervenche
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Nouvel Observateur, juillet 1997, Lepervenche-5
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Pariscope (A.Frazier), août1997, Lepervenche-4
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Charlie-Hebdo (Charb), octo 1996
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France-Culture (V.Hotte), juillet 1991, Lepervenche
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l’Humanité (M.Steinmetz), août 1997, Lepervenche
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Libération (M.Laumonier), août 1997, Lepervenche
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Figaroscope (C.Jurgenson), octo 1996, Lepervenche


First performed on August 17th 1990, the show saw many extra performances and revivals at the open-air site of Grande Chaloupe in 1991, 1992 and 1996. It was performed in mainland France in a locomotive workshop at Trappes in 1996, and in a SERNAM depot at Ivry sur Seine in 1997. 158 performances, 40 000 total audience.


  • Maman-Paola : Délixia Perrine
  • Lepervenche : Bernard Gonthier : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Docteur-papa : Dominique Carrère, Jacques Deshayes
  • Gaëtan : Jean-Pierre Boucher, Philippe de Brugada
  • Maria-Madeleine : Rachel Pothin
  • Jasmin : Leïla Neigrau, Térésa Small
  • Carpin : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Gaston : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Marose : Nicole Leichnig
  • Aubépine : Sylvie Poulain, Scholastique Dormeuil, Albertine Itéla
  • Friedrich : Emmanuel Cambou, Emmanuel Genvrin
  • The bailiff : Laurent Segelstein, Emmanuel Genvrin
  • And Jean Amémoutou, Sabina Asgarally, Jean René Aucourt, Yoanna Atchama, Jean-Luc Aze, Jean-Philippe Beaumont, Thierry Bertile, Jimmy Bodar, Hossin Bouazza, Amel Boubekeur, Sophie Boulay, Isabelle Brousses, Alain Cadivel, Marie Carrère, Hugues Charpentier, Gérard Chotard, Nanou Marie Cillon, Philippe Clavié, Dominique Copeau, Serge Dafreville,, Nicole Dambreville, Françoise Demonet, Isabelle Désiré, François Dijoux, Sarah Dirrig, Thierry Dobaria, Alain Aloual Dumazel,, Bruno Dupuis, Georgette Élise, Muriel Gauliris, Hélène Figuls, Xavier Filliol, Renato Fitoussi, Jean-Marc Florimond, Marie Gage, Richemond Gilas, Jean-Yves Hoareau, Awa Éric Isana, Joséphine Itéla, Lucie Itéla, Koumaré, Patrick Labonté, Willy Laude, Frédérique Ley, Orla Lucky, Amada M’bae, Laurent Maloisel, Marie Martinez, Hervé Mazelin, Ndjame Motokele, Lucinda Narayanin, Jean-Philippe Naze, Marie-Paule Nelle, Mahounda Pana, Mireille Payet, Nicole Payet, Ania Polénick, Fabrice Ramassamy, Bruno Ronchetti, Ghyslaine Sagot, , Philippe Soubielle, Ary Sehercude, Anissa Tamene, Aimée Tessier, Yaëlle Trulès, Pascal Trulès, Tiziana Zucchetti.
  • The inhabitants of Grande Chaloupe for the meal-making and interval orchestra.
  • Gérard Chotard, the railcar drivers and the volunteer ticket collectors of the association Ti-Train (Little Train association).
  • Roger Pavadépoulé, Shimi and the Reunionese of Saint-Quentin en Yvelines.



  • Richemond Gilas, Jean-Marc Florimond, Philippe Clavié, Gilles Rézette, Amada M’Bae, Sabina Asgarally, Jimmy Bodar, Marie Gage, Fredéric Saussaye, Fredéric Druaux, Pierre Magné, Virginie Vilarval, Willy Laude, Yanick Mesroua, Anne Chauvet, Jean-François Roglin, Michel Mention, Cédric Voituron, Gérôme Legallo, Alain Fillette, Rémi Bourgade.


  • Huguette Quipandédié, Scholastique Dormeuil.


  • Emmanuel Cambou.


  • Jean-Marc Florimond, Bruno Ronchetti, Rénato Fitoussi, Francis Renaud, Bernard de Almeida.
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