1991 - Femélage

Rachel Pothin

First performed on March 8th 1991 at Saint-Denis. Written and directed by :Rachel Pothin

"Femelage was a commission from the late Françoise Mollard, who was, with her political activities and her association "Femmes dans la ville", a militant for women’s rights on Reunion" [E. Genvrin]

The play

The waiting room in a dispensary : portraits of four Reunionese women faced with contraception.


First performed for "Femmes dans la ville" on March 8th 1991 at Saint-Denis, performed again in 1997 at Saint Denis, Saint Paul, Saint-Benoît, Saint-Leu, La Plaine des Cafres. 22 performances, 4 700 total audience.


  • Rachel Pothin,
  • Délixia Perrine,
  • Nicole Leichnig,
  • Térésa Small,
  • Georgette Élise,
  • Sophie Boulay,
  • Sarah Dirrig,
  • Marie-Lyne Jeanson,
  • Nicole Payet.
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