1992, 1994

1992 - Carousel

Pierre-Louis Rivière

First performed April 7th 1992 at Jeumon, Saint Denis. Writer and director : Pierre-Louis Rivière - Music : Jean-Luc Trulès Stage design : Hervé Mazelin - Costumes : Hervé Pœydomenge.

"His eye followed the movement of small eddies, multi-coloured swirls imprisoned in a glass marble secretly picked up after carefree children had passed by. Small glass worlds where sometimes it snowed softly, eyepiece of a false miniature Kodak through which he discovered the marvels of Rome or Paris, or sometimes forbidden things like a woman’s naked body. Until the sunny day of the fête where the merry-go-round gave him the power to jump into the dream, to go on a trip : by boat, in a small car, swept along by the movement of a swirling world that was no longer only as big as his hand. » [Pierre-Louis Rivière]

The play

When her scooter breaks down, Sally meets Zeny, who squats a merry-go-round in ruins. He talks about his past, tells of 1950s funfairs with their old-fashioned weddings, their talent contests, and the family secrets that are heavy to bear.


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Vidéo Carousel Jeumon 1992 - durée 2 mn -

what the press think

"As soon as we arrive, he’s there. You can only see him, in the weak yellow light after the party. The carousel with its sweet paintings, its little horses with their tails stiff like horsehair brooms, frozen like time »
ADV [Le Quotidien de La Réunion]

"A performance haunted by the charms of the fête with a merry-go-round of memories»
Micheline Servin [Les Temps Modernes]

"They use a lot of energy to make Carousel come alive, there’s a sense of nostalgia, forgotten savours and old-fashioned music"
Aziz Patel [Star Télé]

"Arnaud Dormeuil makes a whole lost, unpolished world come back and connect with a wooden merry-go-round, the play’s main character "
[Hebdo Plus]

A pleasant, melancholy show about a merry-go-round and the "little people" that it brings alive in a quaint fun fair set"
[Bébète, fanzine des Arts]

"Implacable village chronicle. This surprising and magnificent creation is a must-see"
Pascale David [Témoignages newspaper]

press articles

PDF - 1.4 Mb
Le Quotidien (A.De Villier), avril 1992
PDF - 692.2 kb
Star Télé, avril 1992
PDF - 1016.2 kb
Temoignages (P.David), juin 1992
PDF - 1.1 Mb
Temoignages (Pteros), mai 1992
PDF - 918.5 kb
Temwanyaz, zyin 1992
PDF - 2.3 Mb
Les Temps modernes (M. Servin), juillet 92
PDF - 601.3 kb
Bébète, juin 1994
PDF - 128 kb
Hebdo Plus, juin 1994
PDF - 1 Mb
Le Quotidien (Y.Baunez), avril 1994


First performed April 7th 1992 at Jeumon; performed again at Saint Denis, Saint-Louis, Le Tampon, Trois Bassins, Cilaos, Le Port in 1994. 41 performances, 11 500 total audience.


  • Zény : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Sally : Isabelle Désiré
  • Maximilien : Dominique Carrère, Théo Triffard
  • Thérèse : Délixia Perrine, Georgette Élise
  • Neige : Nicole Payet
  • The Cat : Rachel Pothin, Sylvie Poulain
  • Céleste : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Tino : Bernard Gonthier
  • Rosaire : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Christophe : Serge Dafreville
  • Innocent : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • And Éric Pigeard, Philippe Clavié, Richemond Gilas.



  • Philippe Clavié, Richemond Gilas,, Pascal Trulès, Dominique Copeau, Louis Da Silva Pinto, Sabine Capliez, Térésa Small, Rosine Lantheaume, Frédéric Cavalie, Emmanuel Genvrin,, Hervé Pœydomenge, Éric Brizolié avec l’aide technique de la Sucrière du Nord-Est.


  • Scholastique Dormeuil, Huguette Quipandié, Daisy Catren


  • Jean-Marc Florimond.
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