1992 - Millenium, Apocalypse

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on September 29th, 1992- Jeumon, Saint Denis. Writer : Emmanuel Genvrin with the collaboration of Jean-Marc Dalpé, Director : Emmanuel Genvrin - Music : Jean-Luc Trulès - Set : Hervé Mazelin - Costumes : Hervé Pœydomenge

"A special production compared to our other ones, "Millennium, the Apocalypse" deals with the change of millennium. It’s a work of science fiction written while in residence at Limoges and inspired by the story of a town in the year 1000. In it I talked about sects, about religious fundamentalism and the artist’s role in society. A sombre play, "Millenium, l’Apocalypse" had trouble attracting theatregoers. Our hunger strike and the press campaign that followed it disrupted our performances. Working with foreign actors had been laboured. Everyone had his or her own style and way of working. The Canadians were disconcerted by Reunion’s irrationality, and the violent relationship between performers and politicians. The Chaudron riots had recently taken place. Even today people talk to me about this play as being one of the company’s best."[E. Genvrin]

The play

At the beginning of a new millennium, an unknown illness decimates the inhabitants of Lemova. They expect to be saved by exhuming saint Coephas.


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what the press think

"Vollard has performed a miracle. Vollard is alive and well, very well, and "Millenium" is by far its most accomplished creation "

"Millenium" is too ambitious, falls flat, and only exists thanks to the actors"

Edith Hamili [Journal de l’Ile de La Réunion]


First performed on September 29th, 1992 at Jeumon. Performances in October-November. 11 performances, total audience 2 500.


  • Ugo de Cluny : Mohamed Maach (Morocco)
  • Césaire : Dominique Carrère (Réunion)
  • Maria Valéria : Odile Sankara (Burkina Faso)
  • Karane : Charles Wattara (Burkina Faso)
  • Chabannes, Barrabas : Luc Thériault (Ontario-Canada)
  • Honorius : Roch Castonguay (Ontario-Canada)
  • Albon : Mario Noorah (Mauritius)
  • Roso : Alain Aloual Dumazel (Mauritius)
  • Boucort : Jean-Pierre Boucher (Réunion)
  • Lorian : Pierre-Louis Rivière (Réunion)
  • Priest’s wife : Térésa Small (Réunion)
  • Pater : Jean-Luc Trulès (Réunion)
  • Diva : Rachel Pothin (Réunion)
  • Négrine : Délixia Perrine (Réunion)
  • Mori : Arnaud Dormeuil (Réunion)
  • le curé : Serge Dafreville (Réunion)
  • and Dominique Copeau, Scholastique Dormeuil, Nicole Payet, Nicole Leichnig, Gérard Vidal, Philippe Clavié (Réunion)



  • Philippe Clavié,Richemond Gilas,, Patrick Labonté, Frank Lyda, Hervé Mazelin, Sabina Pudhomme.


  • Daisy Catren, Huguette Quipandié.


  • Dominique Copeau, Philippe Clavié.


  • Jean-Marc Florimond.
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