affiche de Millenium

1993, 1994, 1995

1993 - Millenium, Apsara

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on October 2nd 1996 at the Champ Fleuri theatre, Saint Denis. Writer : Emmanuel Genvrin with the collaboration of Jean-Marc Dalpé, Director : Emmanuel Genvrin - Music : Jean-Luc Trulès - Set : Hervé Mazelin - Costumes : Hervé Pœydomenge

affiche de Millenium"I rewrote Millenium for the 5th French-speakers Summit in Mauritius, I condensed the plot, got rid of some references which were too historical, and invented a happy ending : on the day of the Apocalypse nothing happens ! This time the play was successful. I’d kept Jean-Luc Trulès’ music, clever and timeless, the "jugglers" passages with a theatre set in a theatre, written with the Canadian Jean-Marc Dalpé. When it was performed again in 1995 I played Waco myself. "Millenium" remains one of the company’s best aesthetic successes." E. Genvrin

The play

In a town in the year 1000, jugglers confront a revolution led by Waco, a false prophet who forecasts the apocalypse.

Vidéo Millenium Apsara 1994 Théâtre de Champ Fleuri - durée 3 mn -

what the press think

"A first rate intervention which comes during Reunion’s considerable hesitation following the events of Le Chaudron."
Alain Gili [L’Écho]

« Millenium-Apsara celebrates in its own fashion, ferociously cheerful, the end of the millennium»
Jean-Pierre Han [La Croix]

"Going against current trends Emmanuel Genvrin displays his optimism."
Colette Godard [Le Monde]

presse articles

PDF - 627.1 kb
La Croix (JP Han), octo 1993, MIllenium
PDF - 840.3 kb
Le Monde (C. Godard), octo 1993, MIllenium
PDF - 995.3 kb
Les Temps Modernes (M.Servin), dec 1993, MIllenium
PDF - 927.6 kb
Lettres Françaises (Ch.Boiron) fev 1993
PDF - 865.2 kb
Cripures (JP. Han), mars1994, Millenium


First performed on October 2nd 1993 at the Champ Fleuri theatre, Saint Denis, performed at Le Tampon theatre and at the Rose Hill theatre on the occasion of the French-speakers world Summit in Mauritius, performed again at Jeumon in April and May 1995. 19 performances, total audience 4 200.


  • Waco : Mohamed Maach, Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Apsara : Odile Sankara
  • Karane : Charles Wattara, Jacques Deshayes
  • Césaire : Guy Lafrance, Jean-Pierre Boucher
  • Roso : Alain Aloual Dumaze, Leila Neigrau
  • Lorian : Pierre-Louis Rivière
  • Pater : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Diva : Rachel Pothin
  • Négrine : Délixia Perrine
  • Mori : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Marsil : Serge Dafreville
  • Albon : Mario Noorah, Xavier Filliol
  • And : Nicole Dambreville, Éric Isana, Nicole Payet, Nicole Leichnig,



  • Philippe Clavié, Richemond Gilas, Patrick Labonté, Frank Lyda, Hervé Mazelin, Sabina Prudhomme, Jean-Marc Florimond.


  • Daisy Catren, Huguette Quipandié


  • Dominique Copeau, Philippe Clavié.


  • Jean-Marc Florimond, Richemond Gilas, Bruno Ronchetti.
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