1994, 1995, 1996

1994 - Vote for Ubu Colonial

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed on July 13th, 1994, Jeumon, Saint Denis. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin Music : Jean-Luc Trulès - Set : Hervé Mazelin

"In 1993 the leader of Reunion’s departmental council, several mayors and "big-shots" were indicted. A revolution on an island where impunity and the "buddy-buddy" system had always held sway. Ambroise Vollard had already mentioned it in his "Ubu Colonial" in 1900. Why not resurrect Ubu in today’s Reunion island ? We found the show’s preparation hilarious : we’d even published a mock scandal sheet and the poster was the copy of an electoral poster. However it wasn’t to the backers’ liking. On leaving the show, the officials looked decidedly down in the mouth. I remember the Director of Regional cultural affairs saying : "Vollard’s finished". Local critics took fright. At the festival "Paris Quartiers d’Été", the public was crazy for the show. Since then, this particular Ubu has been something of a reference ..." E. Genvrin

The play

"Action-stations at ’Chez Marcelle’ a small restaurant in Saint Denis, Reunion Island. Belbel, an obese and stupid porter, has decided to get himself elected king of the island. Mother Marcelle, who’s interested in the financial spin-offs, organises the elections, helped by all the staff. The public whistles, claps or roars with laughter faced with this despot who decides that his subjects must screw around so that he can better tap into their "trouser-flies money" (child welfare) and "free money" sent by the "big mother hen" (mainland France). Thanks to a clever theatrical device, public and actors are mixed together. The actors give out ballot papers, sing and dance, parade in a fanfare and even serve food ! For a hundred or so place settings are ready for the theatre-goers who’ve bought a seat and a meal."[Bernard Génin, Télérama]


Vidéo Votez Ubu Colonial - juillet 1995 Festival des îles du Frioul Marseille - durée 3 mn -
Video itv Le Cercle Antenne 2 - durée 2 mn -


First performed on July 13th, 1994 at Jeumon. Performed at Saint-Pierre, at the Marseilles ’Islands Festival’, at the Paris Quartiers d’Été under a marquee in July-August 1995, performed again place de Stalingrad during the winter, at the Laval Uburlesques and at the Jean Vilar theatre in Vitry in September-October 1996. 83 performances, total audience 14000

what the press think

"A real slaughter for the local political community and a hilarious plea for a "clean hands campaign" on the island"
[Le Provençal]

"Truculent and irresistible Votez Ubu Colonial. It’s on at beginning of the evening and it’s more amusing than anything that’s on elsewhere."
Éric Dahan [Nuits blanches, Libération]

"A Reunionese satire in which Emmanuel Genvrin doesn’t go in for half-measures"
Marc Laumonier |Libération]

In the tropics there are as many sharks on the island as in the sea. Ubu Colonial revives good real popular theatre".
[Le Quotidien de Paris]

"Emmanuel Genvrin ’s confusion between the Riviere-des-Galets dyke affair and real cases of corruption is regrettable."
Lucien Biedinger [Témoignages]

"The Reunionese company revives here political theatre whose insolence and festive humour we were able to appreciate last season."
ML [Libération]

"Emmanuel Genvrin steadfastly denounces the customs of local politics as well as that of the big-mother-hen (mainland France). He thus breaches the trench between stage and city".
Pierre Hivernat [Les Inrockuptibles]

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  • Ubu-Belbel : Serge Dafreville, Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Mère Marcelle : Rachel Pothin, Délixia Perrine
  • Balthazar : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Minette : Nicole Payet
  • Tantine : Nicole Leichnig->11]
  • Rougail : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Papin : Pierre-Louis Rivière



  • Vincent Panchen, Philippe Clavié, Didier Dalvoso, Georges Lucien Robore, Gérard Opoula, Thierry Dobaria, Bruno Cambon, Jean-Christophe Bouillot.


  • Scholastique Dormeuil, Maël da Costa.


  • Vincent Panchen, Vincent Féron.
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