1995, 1997, 1998, 1999

1995 - Kari Vollard

Emmanuel Genvrin,

First performed on June 6th, 1997 at Jeumon, Saint Denis.

"The sketches we’d performed for the celebration "Vollard à la belle étoile" ("Vollard under the stars") in February 1996 encouraged me to go further. I enriched excerpts of Marie Dessembre, Lepervenche and Noëlla with new songs. I took the famous ’gossips’ scene of Nina Ségamour and ended with the popular Votez Ubu Colonial. Jean-Luc Trulès’s group, Tropicadéro, performed the second half, ending with a séga dance. The Creole catering (le kari) during the interval gave its name to this new kind of performance. We also called it a Creole-cabaret during the long series of performances held at the Divan du Monde venue in Paris in 1998. Its director, Bernard Fargeau, was looking for innovative shows. Kari Vollard had an indisputable success on Reunion and in Paris where it played for extra performances."[E. Genvrin]

The play}} An invigorating cocktail of theatre, music and Creole cooking.


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Vidéo Kari Vollard - Divan du Monde (Paris) 1998-durée 2 mn-

what the press think

"Coconut punch, theatre, catering, sega dance, fanfare ... The consummate show !"
Sophie Janvier [Le Point]

"A lavish repertoire, spiced with social and political satire"
Marc Laumonier [Libération]

"Kari Vollard has made Paris dance all summer, Reunion is multiracial France"
Guillaume Cherel [L’Humanité]

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Télérama, juillet 1998, Kari Vollard
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Maintenan,t juin 1998, Kari Vollard


Zistoir Créoles was first performed at Saint-Paul on May 13th 1995, and became Kari Vollard in its definitive version in June 1997. Performed at the Laval Uburlesques in September, it was back at Jeumon in December 1997. It was in residence at the Divan du Monde during 1998 and participated in the annual "Humanité" (French Communist Party newspaper) festival. Performances at the Douai Météores and at Saint Denis (mainland France) in April and October 1999. Performed at the theatre’s 20th anniversary celebrations on November 10th 1999. 82 performances, 15 000 audience members.


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