1996, 1997

1996 - Riots

Pierre-Louis Rivière

First performed December 7th 1996 at Le Tampon theatre. Writer and director : Pierre-Louis Rivière - Music : Jean-Luc Trulès - Stage design : Hervé Mazelin.

The performance launched Bibik, rapper and musician, as well as Manuella Imara and Albertine Itéla in the role of Jose. One was a dancer in Tropicadéro, and the other was a Franco-Zairean recruited at Trappes as an extra for Lepervenche. Hervé Mazelin created a stage set which evokes the working class district of Le Chaudron, with its notorious Caltex gas station, and suspends the decor in the air.

The play

A family is getting ready for a wedding. In the small apartment, the television broadcasts live the street fights in which the eldest brother is participating. The old uncle is getting married; the youngest daughter is in love. The son takes himself to be a "marron" (resistance fighter), and the mother thinks she’s been "arranged" (victim of a spell or curse). They are actors and spectators of the mass outburst, which spills into the living-room.


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Extrait vidéo Emeutes, théâtre du Tampon déc 1996 - durée 10 mn -

what the press think

"Emeutes is a play whose surrealism is so moving that, paradoxically, the theatregoer is plunged into the violent, zany and tender reality of Reunionese life."
[Le Journal de l’île de La Réunion]

« Pierre-Louis Rivière has written a real comedy, based on an outburst of social unrest. »
[L’Avant-Scène Théâtre]

"Who knows if it’s fiction or reality, at a time when Reunion island could topple over the edge.»
[Témoignages newspaper]

press articles

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L’Avant Scene Theatre (D.Dumas) juin 1997
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Cassandre (N.Bentolila) octo 1997 Emeutes et Vollard
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Afrique en Scenes (N.Romeas) 1997
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First performed December 3rd 1996 at Le Tampon theatre, performances at Jeumon in April and May 1997. 15 performances, 3000 total audience.


  • Kaf : Dominique Iva
  • Man : Rachel Pothin
  • Jose : Manuella Imara, Albertine Itéla
  • Coca : Nicole Payet
  • Zelle : Nicole Dambreville
  • René : Arnaud Dormeui
  • Nic : Jacques Dehayes
  • And : Jean Amémoutou, Emmanuel Genvrin, Nicole Leichnig, Jean-Luc Trulès, Pierre-Louis Rivière.



  • Philippe Clavié, Alain Cadivel, Marie Gage, Joël Boyer et l’atelier de l’ODC.


  • Scholastique Dormeuil.


  • Bruno Ronchetti.
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