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1999 - Séga Tremblad

Emmanuel Genvrin

First performed at Jeumon on December 11th 1999. Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin Music : Jean-Luc Trulès Stage design : Hervé Mazelin Costumes : Sophie Hoareau

A commission from Bernard Fargeau, Divan du Monde director following the success of Kari Vollard in Paris, I wrote Séga Tremblad during a trip to Brazil in 1999 (Itaparika Island, Salvador de Bahia). I had trouble concentrating whilst there as we had been summoned before the magistrate’s court by the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) on a charge of ’abusing the state’, and before the commercial court concerning Vollard theatre’s bankruptcy. I knew the story of the prince of sega musicians Michel Admette, who left Reunion to work as a sweeper at Elancourt and whose son Jean Paul had died when hit by a train in Trappes station following a fight with a teenage Jamel Debbouze. I’d been struck by his parents’ distress. We’d performed Lepervenche at Trappes in 1996 and had hired a group of musicians to play during the interval. There were some old hands of Reunionese sega who’d also ended up in mainland France : Gaby laï Kun, Willy, etc. Along with Jean-Luc Trulès this is where the idea for Séga Tremblad came from. Jamel Debbouze, who’s never been clear about the circumstances of the accident in which he lost the use of his arm, took contact discretely but didn’t follow up. The national press has never wanted to clearly broach the subject of the accident either. It’s true that since then Jamel has become a symbol of successful emigration and a star of the TV channel Canal + ! The play was a great public success and the music gave rise to a CD album with the musicians from Sergent Garcia; it also saw the creation of a group, Vollard Combo, which became independent and has given many concerts in Reunion and mainland France. The song Cafrine was number one in Reunion’s charts; the show was filmed by RFO during a performance at Le Tampon theatre and was broadcast in December 2002. And last not but not least, the Parisian press, from Figaro to Liberation, unanimously hailed Séga Tremblad as a success : the script was published by Harmattan, and a jury awarded it Best Overseas Show for the year 2000. Séga Tremblad was also Off Festival Favourite at the Avignon Festival.

The play

À Tremblay-en-France, un ségatier remonte sur scène pour l’honneur
At Tremblay-en-France, a sega musician returns to the stage for his son’s honour. It’s a tribute to those musicians from Reunion who’ve left the island to try their luck in mainland France.
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Vidéo Séga Tremblad 2001 Théâtre du Tampon - durée 10 mn -


First performed at Jeumon on December 11th 1999. In 2000, performances on Reunion (Plaine des Cafres, Entre-deux, Tampon, Petite-Île, Saint Pierre, Saint Leu), in Paris at the Divan du Monde from September 14th to November 6th, showcases at the FNAC bookstore. In 2001 from April until June performed again in Reunion, from July 6th-28th at the TOMA (Avignon Festival), in October at the Vincennes Cartoucherie, at Savigny-le-Temple, and in Tunisia for the Theatre Days at Carthage. In March 2002 near Paris at Villeneuve-la-Garenne and at Bagnolet, in April in the Caribbean (Guadeloupe, Martinique). In May 2003 at the Mangrove Festival in Marseilles. In October and November 2004, on tour in Reunion at Saint Joseph, Saint Benoît and at the University of Saint Denis (Canter auditorium). In total 108 performances, with 19 000 audience members

what the press think

"Vollard is in top form"
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper]

"A genuine and touching authenticity"
[Témoignages newspaper]

"Vollard’s actors have accomplished a small miracle"

"You’re moved and you let yourself be won over by so much energy"

"Reunionese Séga : Vollard Theatre has reintroduced the genre"
[Le Monde]

"What exquisite actresses Rachel Pothin and Délixia Perrine are"
[Le Point]

"Full of an admirable and wonderful good humour"
[Le Journal du Dimanche]

"Real originality, strong sincerity"
[Le Parisien]

press articles Paris

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L’Express octo 2000
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Libération sept 2000
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Le Point sept 2000
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Le Parisien octo 2000
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Le Monde oct 2000
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Le Journal du Dimanche octo 2000
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La Terrasse sept 2000 itv E.Genvrin
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France Outremer dec 2000

press articles Avignon

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Midi Libre juillet 2001
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Le Figaro juillet 2001
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Le Dauphiné juillet 2001
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Africultures sept 2001


  • King Rosette, accordion, keyboards : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Elise : Délixia Perrine
  • Diana : Yaelle Trulès, Tatiana Ehrlich
  • Natte, brass bass : Rachel Pothin
  • Marcello, accordion, trombone : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Section head, double bass : Massimo Murgia
  • Dom-Tom Minister, trumpet : Emmanuel Genvrin
  • Secretary, saxophone : Nicole Leichnig
  • Percussion : Thierry Abmon, Ludovic Clain
  • Trumpet : Jean-Paul Jansen, Fabrice Martinez, Yann Martin



  • Richemond Gilas, Laurent Di Bernardo, Julien Magnes


  • Fred Guilhem, Laurent Di Bernardo, Julien Magnes, Thierry Lesauvage


  • Richemond Gilas, Fred Saussaye


  • Giovanni Latchoumanin, Sebastien Darus, Philippe Ritter, Sebastien Massiaux
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