2002, 2003, 2004

2002 - Quartier Français

Emmanuel Genvrin

Writer and director : Emmanuel Genvrin, Music : Jean-Luc Trulès, Set : Hervé Mazelin, Costumes : Laurence Julien

Quartier Français was about creating a sequel to the famous Lepervenche (about the struggle for departmentalisation between 1936 and 1946), this time by tackling the subject of Reunion’s autonomy, also that of independence, always a taboo subject. The sugar producers held back, in particular the company Quartier Français who was worried about its reputation. We were refused the Stella platform site for our production at the last moment, the co-producer Jérôme Gélabert took fright, cancelled performances and then decided otherwise, in the end I had to change "Monsieur René" to "Monsieur Roger" and the son-in-law "Max" (Maxime Rivière), to "Charles". Paul Verges came to the first night with his family, and television crews were waiting for him to leave at the end and give his impressions. Although I tried to keep a balance between Ti Pol and Monsieur Roger, the political right saw it as an indecent hagiography of Paul Vergès, and the PCR (Reunionese Communist Party) wasn’t happy either as Ti Pol wasn’t charismatic enough, and his private life was dealt with too directly. Subtle as ever, the press accused me of being "Vergès’s whore" (sic). The latter was in the doldrums at the time, and it’s true that he started to go back up in opinion polls, and shortly after won hands down the elections and become County Council leader. He used "Quartier Français", like "Lepervenche", to present himself as a supporter of Reunion’s historical compromise. I wrote a screenplay first for cinema then for TV for Yves Boisset. Just when the project was about to materialise, it was censored due to political interventions. It was the presence in the cast of Reunionese mezzo Natalia Cadet that gave Jean-Luc Trulès and myself the idea of creating the opera Maraina.

The play

The incredible union between Ti-pol and monsieur Roger to save the Quartier français sugar factory in 1954. 30 actors and singers, vintage cars, a carnival ... for a new exploration of Reunion’s history.


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Vidéo Quartier Français - Halle du Port - 2004 - durée 6 mn -

what the press think

"Faithful to its art of epic stage productions, Vollard theatre has created a boisterous panorama in the tradition of Lepervenche."
[Le Quotidien de La Réunion newspaper ]

The actors’ performance, the extremely visual staging, the humorous and subtle dialogues make this the dramatic event of the year."

"Political struggle enhanced by myth wasn’t an easy gamble, but Vollard have won it hands down"
[Témoignages newspaper]

"Quartier Français mixes simplicity with the strength of a perfect mastery of dramatic conventions"

presse articles

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JIR Dimanche (P.Reeve), dec 2003
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Le Quotidien (L.Decloitre), sept 2002
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Le Quotidien (V.Pion), juin 2003
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Temoignages (P.David), sept 2002


First performed September 28th 2002 at Ravine Saint Leu in the open air for 9 performances until October 12th. Performed 11 times in doors at Jeumon from June 14th-28th 2003. In the open air at Saint Joseph at the sports field of Langevin on November 28th and 29th, at Sainte Suzanne in the courtyard of the Quartier Français factory on December 5th and 7th. At Le Port Exhibition Centre on June 18th 2004. Filmed by Patrick Viret from June 15-17th. In total 25 performances, 7 660 total audience.


  • Ti Pol : Alain Alooal Dumazel
  • Florence : Élisa Bourreau, Valérie Cros
  • Monsieur Roger : Serge Biavan, Marc Séclin, Piere-Louis Rivière
  • Élisabeth : Rachel Pothin
  • Max: Jacques Deshayes
  • Sarah : Léa Mastane, Savannah Genvrin
  • Maître teck : Jean Pierre Boucher, Pascal Pongérard
  • Rézéda : Délixia Perrine, Sylvie Annette
  • Gaston : Arnaud Dormeuil
  • Just : Jean-Luc Trulès
  • Bélot : Tony Bluker
  • Mario : Dominique "Bibik" Iva
  • Lenfer : Harold-Cédric « Bouba » Bluker
  • Nadia : Ketty Aouira
  • Alice : Nicole Leichnig
  • Héva : Clara Annibal, Christelle Lysandre, Natalia Cadet
  • Mariane : Bellinda Justine, Ghislaine Sagot

The choir : Edwige Payet, Moea Latrille, Séverine Hérode, Didier Fos, Jonathan Dany, Manuella Gigant, Christine Fain, Christelle letellier, Marie Pierre vaudemeont, Laurence Ramsamy, Valère Timon, Nathalie Legrand, Sandrine Baleinier, Aurélie Legrand, Isabelle Quinton, Mireille Payet, Roselyne Bluker, Stéphanie Couen, Régine Lemahieu


  • Construction : Séchoir crew, Aurélia Cadet
  • Lighting : Séchoir crew, ODC, Richemond Gilas, Sylvaine Comsa
  • Stage management : Séchoir crew, ODC, Richemond Gilas, Sylvaine Comsa
  • Production assistant : Nanou Cillon
  • Poster, graphics : Emmanuel Cambou
  • Photos : Philippe Moulin
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