Le Tampon Theatre (1979/1981), former Town Hall of Saint-Denis (1981/1983), Saint-Denis’ Grand Marché (1981/1987), Cinérama at La Possession (1987/1990), Espace Jeumon at Saint-Denis (1991/2008)

5 moves : an itinerant company

On three occasions the company transformed non-theatre spaces (a covered market, a cinema, an industrial forge) into permanent places of work and performance. Being able to work in your own theatre is fundamental to a company’s independence. At the Grand Marché, the Cinérama, at Jeumon, the size and frequency of performances depended on public demand and habits. An audience capacity of 200 to 300 people per performance suited Reunion, prolongations were always possible, and we had increased availability for school performances. Little by little other companies copied this ’practice’. Our success meant that town councils often had their eye on recuperating the sites, or wanted to manage them to their own advantage. We moved into some lovely places, like Saint Denis’ Grand Marché with its cast iron columns, or Jeumon’s industrial wasteland with its vast warehouses.

"Open air" stage design

Open air performances allowed us the possibility of using original places such as the Rontaunay car-park for Orféo (1982), the Villèle museum for Marie Dessembre (1992), the Chinese alleyway for fête Marcel (1993), the railway site of Grande Chaloupe for Lepervenche (1990/1997), the Saint-Leu Ravine, Langevin stadium or a factory courtyard for Quartier Français (2003). Vollard Theatre has always promoted a convivial, good-humoured and interactive stage-audience relationship. When on tour we’ve done likewise : gymnasiums for Nina Segamour and Torouze at Limoges (1983). Etuves colonised Port Louis’ Citadelle in 1989, Ubu Colonial was performed in the middle of the Frioul ruins at Marseille; under a marquee place de Stalingrad in Paris (1995), and in a school courtyard at Laval high school (1996). Lepervenche made use of a railway warehouse at Trappes (1996) and another at Ivry sur Seine (1997). The opera Maraina was performed in 2007 in the Fort Flacourt barracks at Fort Dauphin (Madagascar).

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